DIY Recipe for Soylent 1.3?


I miss Soylent 1.3. Not only was it the best tasting Soylent, but it was the last Soylent where you had control over the fat content over the drink.

After nearly five years of drinking Soylent for the majority of my caloric consumption, my latest blood work indicates that I need to cut back on fat intake. Soylent’s fat content is too high.

I would like to return to the Soylent 1.3 days where I could control how much oil I added to the drink. But since that is not an option, I was hoping someone on here would be kind enough to provide me with a DIY recipe that mimics Soylent 1.3. Thanks.


Hi Mark try:

My 2 cents: Your concern about fat content and blood work? Could it be the sugar/fructose instead? or the Omega-6 content?


Have you looked at Super Fuel? It requires you to add fat in the form of oil. So you control the fat content.

Also, IANAD but am curious which particular elements of your blood work were out of line, if you are willing to share?


Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for your interest in my question. I just ordered samples of Super Fuel to try; I like that I can control the fat content, although ideally I’d prefer more carbs to protein rather than the fairly even ratio in Super Fuel.

A1C of 5.9, Cholesterol 180, triglycerides 380. None of these numbers are awful, but they are trending in the wrong direction and I want to avoid diabetes and heart disease. I want to get A1C under 5.7, Cholesterol under 150, and triglycerides under 200.

According to a number of resources, minimizing fat is crucial for restoring insulin sensitivity and reversing one’s progression towards diabetes and heart disease. The recommended diet is a vegan diet that is approximately 10% fat, 10-15% protein, 75-80% carbs. In the presence of fat, carbs will really spike your blood sugar, but apparently if you have minimal fat intake, your insulin sensitivity returns to normal and you can handle that level of carb consumption without any problem.

I already am vegan and when I’m not drinking soylent, I eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthful non-saturated oils. I exercise daily, am not overweight. So I’m already doing much of what is recommended for good health. As an experiment, for several months I went in the direction of high-fat, low-carb – that was a disaster for my numbers. So, it seems the only thing left for me to try is to follow the advice of the medical nutrition experts who recommend a radical reduction in fat.



Huh. Well, carbs are the easiest macro to supplement! (e.g. any snack food)

Oh, interesting! You realize you just made a lot of Keto converts cry?