Diy rendition of soylent 2.0


Hello all,

I have near cloned the soylent 2.0 recipe and I am going to put it online this week. I would like to see some interest first and some advice for finding the right flavoring for the recipe. Would people be interested?




I started adding ingredients to the diy page but unfortunately the site is bringing up an error when I try to add more items now. I’ll try to check back later to see if I can’t finish it up.


Yes this is a fun idea


Here it is. I still have maybe a little tweaking to do to it but overall i think it’s pretty good! It is very similar to the actual 2.0 except it doesn’t store as long.


Looks interesting… I’m looking forward to hearing if anyone else taste - tests it.


The MSM shouldn’t be necessary, sufficient protein should have enough Sulfur-containing Amino Acids to cover you, the consensus in the community for a while has been to calculate the SAA and drop the MSM. Also, are you taking the pills whole, or grinding them into the mix?


Grinding them into the mix of course. Thank you for the tip on the MSM.


I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to try the finished product yet, but if not be aware that some of those pills can be very bitter when ground. I know you’ve added some flavorings though, so that may cover the bitterness, no way to know until you try. There are some powdered alternatives if you have issues, they’ll add a bit to the cost though.


Hi. Looks cool.
Just some comments from me on the formula.

  • Canola Oil. It is impossible to get Algal Oil however a better substitute is (approx) 70% high oliec Sunflower Oil and 30% Canola Oil.

  • protein. The overall protein is 110g. Soylent is 100g.

  • vitamin mix. It would be cool if you could develop a version using @axcho vitamin mix (coming soon?)

I’ll have another look later and see if I come up with anything else.


I guess this is one way to avoid adding sucralose to the soylent powder.


I agree with kennufs on the MSM and on the vitamins… I take my vites separately when on Soylent, because the flavors they impart just don’t work in the mix for me.


Thrive is now available, but it’s pretty expensive.


Yes definitely adding in some Sunflower Oil. As far as the algal oil goes I don’t think it’s essential to the recipe. I think of it more as a clever marketing scheme and allows them to differentiate their product from the diy blends. but thats just my 2 cents. I will also be adding a starch and some trehalose. Also going to decrease the salt. The vitamins taste fine also. It’s not bitter at all. I will repost when I have the final product.