DIY sellers using Soylent forums to push their products


I would like to know how long @Spaceman and other DIY sellers are going to use official Soylent forums to sell their products. I understand that this is pretty much the only website where people interested in Soylent and DIY soylent can find information. However, the widespread self-promotion of Spaceman, who I see as the main perpetrator, is getting a little annoying.

I’m grateful for the DIY soylent merchants who are filling a void left by Rosa Labs’ lengthy fulfillment of orders. I’m glad that more people are getting access to soylent and the more that’s available, the better. I’m sure people can see though how disconcerting it is to see a competing product being pushed on the Soylent forums.

I think there should be one thread per seller at most, with a short description of their products and a link to their website at the beginning, and customers can post reviews in the thread, and eventually migrate to using the seller’s website exclusively for their purchases.

(In the interest of disclosure, I stopped lurking and joined the forums in order to purchase DIY soylent. However, after my initial post looking for a seller, I pm’d with @axcho directly and then used his then-newly created website to place my order. Since then I’ve contacted him directly through his website.)


at least he actually talks and provides updates for his customers.


Don’t be so sure: I’m not disconcerted at all. Rob made Soylent open source from the beginning and that, combined with fulfillment delays, made a DIY market inevitable.

Regarding one thread per seller, I’m not so sure. Threads are topic oriented and when, for example, Spaceman has ideas for a soylent-making-machine, that’s obviously a thread of its own which I may or may not want to follow.

As much as you are bothered by all this, I’m impressed and appreciative that the forums have been so open. Makes me appreciate Rosa Labs more. My 1 month order of official Soylent is still out there and I look forward to trying it.



Maybe instead of their own thread, how about a ‘DIY Merchant’ section?


If it weren’t for @axcho and to a lesser extent 100%Food (I have ordered and received from both), I would have lost interest in Soylent and cancelled my order a couple of months ago due to the delays and lack of information. Soylent still has my money more or less because of the alternative options these guys provide.


I would agree with you that Spaceman could probably tone it down a notch. He is very aggressive with the self promotion. He’s heard that feedback before as well.


It would be better if every thread didn’t turn into “I can do this for you” or “Check out my machine I’m pushing”. I’m glad I’m not the only one. He was talked to before about using his own site, he has his own site. Go check it out, his forums are full of posts from customers with no responses from him.

The other DIY’ers are using a public recipe and making it for “lazy people” (like me) that would otherwise not take the time to make it themselves. I don’t feel like they are competing with the official Soylent. I feel 100% foods is taking a competitors stance.

I agree with others that maybe the best is a have a separate site for those people, but on the reverse side, why should rob and others be expected to provide a marketplace or website for someone trying to compete with them. Overall, it’s annoying from @Spaceman to me and the rest I have no issue with.


I think it would be fine if he only made any new announcement once in this forum, not a bunch of times in different topics.


Reminder from the DIY wiki:

“We can reasonably give the following definition. Soylent is a single
food item which provides complete nutrition, and is reasonably priced
(in the same sense as before). Anything fulfilling these criteria
deserves to be called soylent.”

As long as the products meet this definition, they are not alternatives to soylent or competitors to soylent, they ARE soylent.


Unfortunately, I can’t say that his product provides complete nutrition. I haven’t seen the recipe (nobody has), so I will not refer to it as Soylent and refer to it only as a competitor.


I have been asking Rob and crew for a while now to stop letting those folks push a competing product all over their forum. They are getting free advertising.


Honestly, until Soylent is able to deliver to everyone in due time… I think these guys are welcome :slight_smile: afterwards they should stick to the diymarketplace


I’m less concerned about them talking about their product on the forums, as I am with some (1?) of them seeming to have their forum presence be 90+% marketing, with very little of their activity being a contribution to the community.

Like the others have mentioned, @spaceman is the one I see being the problem here. If he did more than just push his wares, I don’t think I’d care. But he really doesn’t do much else on these forums besides respond to threads specifically directed to his product, or link-to/mention his products in the forums. I’ve looked through his activity feed to confirm this a few times.

@axcho on the otherhand doesn’t concern me, as 1) he’s generally appropriately quiet about his product and 2) I still see him contributing to the community from time to time.


Ya two private messages from spaceman. One asking me to review his product in return for a free sample, then another asking me to help find people to help with his machine. I ignored the first one, and told him never to message me again on the 2nd.


I am confused, but if someone makes a thread about 100% food or questions concerning it, why is it a bad thing if he pops in to respond.

I see spaceman a lot here, but not spamming adverts. Any time I see him he is only trying to be helpful, answer a question, or resolve a problem.

I honestly don’t get the problem here, it certainly isn’t off topic. Until Soylent gets their shit together, spaceman and axchos stuff is the only thing positive to talk about.

Why does it matter? This just seems like pointless negativity towards someone who is actually helpful and communicates with his customers.


Sorry, I think I posted my reply a little too quickly.

My issue wasn’t him responding to those threads, it was that he doesn’t seem to contribute to the community much outside of his customers. This might have changed recently, as I haven’t been paying much attention to him lately. So I apologize in advance, if my information on him is outdated.

I did mention axcho as a contributing member to the community, though. So, as I said, my issue is not with the fact that they sell their stuff on the forums, but with the ratio of activity directly focused on his product (for which he has his own site, forums, etc.) and activity that contributes to the community as a whole ( his experiences with DIY/official, general nutrition data, the occasional and one-time link to interesting related products, of which his own ventures would count ).

Did that clear things up more clearly? I’m feeling kind of weird today, so I may not be as clear as I think I am.

edit: just decided to check his activity again, and noticed he has been contributing recently. I guess I just haven’t noticed his contributions lately. That being said, if he continues in this direction, I will withdraw my complaints.


Somewhat. Not necessarily disagreeing in the long run. But most of the time I have seen him was when someone tagged or asked for him, or in his own thread with a new update.

I was replying mostly to the thread in general. I guess I am just trying to wrap my head around the fact that out of all the things to complain or be upset about, it is the one or two persons providing product and actually communicating.

I bounced off you because you had the only post with thought put into it, but to the others what is even the point of this? Is there not enough physical space for them on the forum, or are you such fans of Soylent already that you will protect them from evil, would be competitors?

Just because they gave their product a name and made a modest small business out of it doesn’t put it on Soylents scale, and doesnt really put it out of range of DIY imo.

I know it sounds stupid but I regard it as Do it yourself, done for you.

The only exception is when he talks about “the machine”, which he does push a little hard because he likes the idea (honestly I don’t agree, reminds me of the beverage machine from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, don’t ask it to make tea whatever you do). But if anything that is pretty much conceptual and just a neat idea if anything.


How hard is it to just scroll past his posts? Its not like he is in your grill in real life talking to you and cant get away from him. Keep scrolling. It takes fractions of a second.


My current take on @Spaceman is that he is not an English speaking native, and that his communication comes off very coarse and not what is in his head. This is at least the “benefit of the doubt” I am currently extending him. I’ve known other Russian immigrants and have found similar things with them, their culture seems to be much more direct and even what most English speakers would consider “rude”, but they are not aware of it. I intend to get to know him better, before I’m completely positive this is the case, but it’s how I’m treating him currently.

That being said, he also doesn’t appear to know much about reasonable forum etiquette when it comes to advertising. He is excited about his ideas, and I think they fill a spot on the spectrum that Rosa Labs does not have interest in or intend to pursue (though time will tell). So in that regard though his products don’t appeal to me, I’m glad he’s providing them. I’m trying to guide him a little bit with regards to better marketing tactics/approaches. We shall see how that goes.

He has also approached me to possibly help with his machine idea. I’m intrigued and am definitely going to hear him out. Where my interest goes from there… who knows.

I personally would also like to see an actual “marketplace” section of the forum, where advertising and promotion is encouraged. I think it would potentially help with all the promotion getting intermingled with the day-to-day content. Still though, it’s up to the individual to follow the examples set by others. Those who don’t/won’t, will be handled by the community as we’ve seen.


I dated a Russian woman for 4 years trust me you aren’t far off the mark. And yes the best way I can describe him is just excited. He is still having meaningful conversations about nutritional requirements and health, he just ties it back to the idea he is excited about and some people find something there to complain about for whatever reason.

And I totally agree with the marketplace, not for containment but because it would be a useful resource and just all around better format than a general forum.