DIY site comments not working


I have been trying to reply to a question posted in the comments of my recipe, the reply appears to post, then disappears when I leave the page.

@initialV, I was replying to you as follows:

Most food labels are fairly generic and won’t give you the full story, and they are not required to report everything. Many of the DIY ingredients info comes from nutritional websites that have tested some of the items, or similar items (they are not usually brand specific) and give more complete nutritional info.

Here is the USDA info for:

White Masa



FYI, I was able to reply to another users question, but the above reply still won’t post.


@kennufs, ah okay, I thought it might be something like that, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the sources!


Replies still aren’t working correctly. I just tried responding to a couple of comments and only one of the responses went through.


EDIT: My antivirus blocked disqus on my firefox. Dont know why.

Comments have been non existent for quite a while. No comments can be posted and all previous comments are gone, this is disappointing as a great deal of discussion has taken place in the comments sections of the respective recipes. People chow alone had hundres of comments and they cant accessed.

Will they be restored soon, or has the roll out of official Soylent put the DIY site out on the curb?


@vwbugg Comments have been working fine for me - could you let me know which page you expect to see comments on and which browser you’re using?


My anitivirus had gotten inadvertently set to block disqus after my firefox update to 28. Don’t know why. The forum had always worked fine but the comments on the DIY site stopped showing up. After trying a different browser and seeing the comments i went back and discovered the problem. Thank you for your reply.