DIY Soylent 2.0

Any DIY Soylent 2.0 recipes?
Will Soylent 2.0 be open sourced?

Pick a recipe from here:
Buy some bottles:

Mix your Soylent and pour it in the bottles. Refrigerate.

You might need a preservative, depending on how long you want to store your diy Soylent 2.0:

Some preservatives are better than others, not all are all bad, none are all good. A mixture of low levels of a number of preservatives can mitigate the potential harm done by any large amount. But hey, I’m an armchair nutritionist - do the research and find out what you’re ok with. If you don’t include preservatives, then you may need to freeze your bottles, in which case, experiment with not completely filling the bottles, and leaving the cap slightly loose until they’re frozen.

Thanks for the reply but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

Question - Are there any DIY recipes that attempt to recreate Soylent 2.0?

There are a number of receipes that attempt to recreate soylent 1.x. For example axcho - Schmoylent and quidnyc (?) had a really detailed one. Now that 1.4 and 1.5 have been open sourced I’ve had a go at recreating them (not all the ingredients are easily available).
Just wondering if any DIY ers have tried a 2.0 recipe and of they care to share?

I haven’t seen one yet. I don’t know that some of the ingredients, like algal oil, are even available to consumers yet; I looked around and didn’t find any except in capsules.

I have one if people are still interested. I will post it this week On the diy site. It’s a near exact replication apart from the flavoring. I still haven’t nailed that down.

Yes - still interested in Soylent 2 recipe!

To amend my earlier post, algal oil has been available for a while now. I’m not sure if it’s the correct type to put in a DIY 2.0 but it couldn’t hurt to try.