DIY Soylent and Insanity Workout


So, I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while now and learning a lot about official Soylent and all the DIY versions. I ordered official Soylent in May, but I wanted to start sooner so I made my own DIY and started it on Monday…the same day I started round two of the Insanity Workout. I jumped right in at 100% soylent and I’ve had a lot of the same experiences as a lot of the other people here.

I do have the mustard gas. It’s really bad. I woke up the second night and I thought my apartment was on fire…it was just me. The trade of is that I’m regular. I’ve never been regular in my life, so this is a new experience for me. I’m going to the bathroom twice daily now - once in the morning and once at night. I like it. Though I haven’t tried official Soylent, I keep reading here that it’s pretty gritty/chalky. Mine was kind of gritty the first day, but I found that by mixing in a bit more water after I pour it into my glass (as well as soaking the night before and not adding oil until the day of) it takes the grittiness factor way down.

The biggest difference that I’ve seen is that, unlike many people here, I feel much more energetic and focused…I’ve not gotten the lethargic, cloudy-head feeling. At first I thought it was a placebo effect, but I’m on day 4 and the feeling has continued. I don’t seem to need as much sleep, I can focus on a task for much longer without needing a break, etc. I’m starting to think that maybe I was missing something important in my old diet (which consisted mainly of Chinese takeout, haha).

I was nervous about doing Insanity on this without easing into it, but I was starting round two, so I knew what to expect. I am taking far fewer breaks during the workout, I’m working out harder and losing weight a lot faster. I will mention that I feel more tired at the end of each workout, but my recovery time is much shorter as well. For instance, today after I finished working out, I felt bonked, but within 8 - 10 minutes I felt like I could do another workout. I will do an update here in a week or so with an update on how the workouts are going on DIY soylent, but so far so good. I would say that if you are doing an intense workout regimen you can take soylent, you just have to be careful to drink it before the workout to make sure that you have some energy to work with or very quickly after the workout (which is what I do) to replenish.

I’d love to hear from other people doing Insanity or P90X and how they have incorporated soylent (official or DIY) into your regimen.


Tagging @rishkoi, I believe he has been doing p90x3.


Cool. I’d be interested in updates as you progress through your program.



Sorry for taking so long. Yes, I have been doing both, and currently have lost 46lbs :smile:

I HIGHLY recommend the combo!


Holy crap! That’s great. Congrats!



It took about 4 months, but it’s been an epic adventure so far :smile:


OMG, are you serious??? That’s amazing!!! I’ve been doing the combo for about 1 week and I’ve lost about 4 pounds. By way of background I am about 6’2 and 33 years old. At my heaviest I was 265 pounds (way too big), but I have been losing weight over the last several years by being slightly more active, but my diet was still crap - as I said before lots and lots of greasy, salty chinese food as well as very delicious fried chicken (there’s an amazing Afghan place that makes the best chicken and fries!!!). I started last week, however, at 218.8 and yesterday I was at 215. More interestingly, I have a lot more energy (I feel like a kid sometimes), my skin is clearer, I don’t need as much sleep and I just feel overall healthier. The only strange thing is that I’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep. Have any of you guys had that? I highly recommend the combo too (though if you’re not looking for a workout that’s going to totally kick your a**, I’d maybe find a lighter workout, haha).


I’m on official soylent. Just finished my first month. I’ve done 60 days of Insanity before but had to stop when I got shin splints. And currently my knee has been giving me issues so I’m thinking of doing T25 (potentially twice a day) which has far less jumping and should be easier on the knee.

Will let you know how it goes.


If you’re looking for workout without mustard gas try Double Protein 100%FOOD.
If you’re going to loose weight - you may try Low Carb version.
Plus last week we crafted Athlete formula - with 50/20/30 carb / fat / protein ratio by the special order.


I wouldn’t recommend eating low carbs while doing Insanity…recipe for disaster.


Hey @anthonyrj - why do you think so?

Although, I have a better idea - let’s ask a Registered Clinical Dietitian about that.

Powdered Foods Marketplace recently teamed with one, let’s check his opinion.

I posted your question about best formula for Insanity Workout in this thread.


Hi @Spaceman - I didn’t ask a question about the best formula for the Insanity workout. I made the point that when doing an incredibly intense cardio workout like Insanity, your body must have fuel to push through it, and unless you’re in ketosis and your body is burning fat as fuel, you are going to bonk in this workout. Nice link to your products though ;-).


I’m keen to know your experience with T25 too. When I did Insanity the first time I was having knee issues, but this time (at the suggestion of personal trainer friend) I’ve been taking tart cherry and haven’t been experiencing the issues. I’m not sure if it’s a function of the tart cherry or something altogether different. Look forward to hearing more about your T25 journey!


During the first two weeks I would take a digestive supplement about every other day - helped a lot. My body is also fairly used to it all by now (week 3). I also only replace 2 meals/day.

I’ve been doing crossfit for the last two weeks - soylent is the best as a pre and post workout meal!

Also, I think that the brain fogginess could be attributed to omega imbalances. I was having some weird symptoms after being on soylent (diy) for 3 weeks and realized that I wasn’t getting enough Omega-3. I megadosed fish oils last night and this morning and I feel much more ‘normal’.


According to the answer by Dietitian - you’re right.

Regarding the products… Thanx.
But on the Powdered Foods Marketplace you can find more nice products from other DIY-producers.


I’m on week three as well (replacing all meals during the week, but eating muggle food on Saturday and Sunday) and I’m starting to get the brain fogginess…thanks for the suggestion - going to look at my omegas.


Cool let me know how it goes. You (presumably) want a 1:1 ratio of EPA to DHA. Soylent with canola oil is 2:1 (o6:o3)


6’3 310lbs at the start, currently I stand 6’3 and 258lbs :smiley:

It’s an incredibly effective combo. If it was a video game, it would require a patch, because, for me at least, it’s been OP. (Overpowered)


I have nothing but respect for those able to do extreme workout programs. I think I’ll stick with my 4 times a week treadmill/eliptical and calisthenics regiment. I’ve been slowly shedding pounds with a combination of soylent and healthy homemade meals.


Hey, I know this topic is pretty old but I was curious as to an update with rj. I myself have finished the insanity asylum vol.1 workout and am on asylum/insanity hybrid end of week 1 at the moment. I’m 5’11 roughly 195 lbs. I tried to go strictly 100% soylent, but only lasted four days. I was too damn hungry to continue on.

I still drink mostly soylent. At the minimal I drink at least 3/4 of a days serving. My results are slightly noticeable and I do feel in way better shape however I haven’t really lost any weight.

I’m confused on whether it’s because I’m turning fat into muscle, which I’m sure I am or maybe I’m consuming to many calories. Honestly, I haven’t kept track of my calories but I doubt it’s over 2600 a day.