DIY Soylent arrives in The Philippines to Feed Malnourished Tribal Children



So very cool. Thanks to everybody that helped. I wonder if people would want to donate to keep this going? I would throw some money at it…

Honestly, I thought the story would be more like: We sent them a bunch of powder and they said “what’s this crap?” Luckily it went the other way. I know how much soylent (decent nutrition) has helped reasonably healthy people. I wonder what it would do to starving malnutritioned children.


Let me thank Hank for opportunity to make this happen and all the backers who financed the ingredients. Thank you guys!

@JeffLeBert - I also think that we can keep this going on a regular basis.
Once we have a lot of places (not only Philippines) to help - may be we’d better start something like a “powdered foods bank”?


If you haven’t seen this is actually going right now! Go to and donate.It looks like I might have been the second to donate. :slight_smile:


Thanks @JeffLeBert,
let me post a link to the blog in addition to campaign.
It will remind about the roots:


Made a contribution. I’ll share this on Facebook, too.


It’s raising… raising… Thanks!!!


I have benefited greatly from the whole soylent idea, and have a big debt to pay forward. I’d love to see the pictures when the kids get the new shipment, if anyone happens to take any.


My motto now is: “Once you have more free time now, Why not change the world?”



New photo from Henri Pellissier:


Just got a video from the Mangyans - the tribal group that drinks the food we sent them:

We continue to collect funds in Powdered Foods Bank - join!


That’s a really great thing you did Aleh/Spaceman! Please keep at it & I will join & help any way I can. You made my day!


I should say that’s the largest part of that belongs to Henri Pellissier, we just provide a backend.