DIY Soylent, Combining and Packaging Questions


I have started doing my own Soylent and was curious on how to mix and package the ingredients. I currently have several containers that weigh the same and I make four days worth of Soylent at a time, I then take those containers and put them in their own bags.

My question is whether I could just put all the ingredients in one big container and blend them and then portion them out for each day. This would save me a lot of time since I only need to measure each ingredient once instead of four times.

Some of the items have a different consistency than others (brown sugar vs ground flaxseed) and I don’t know how well they will mix up evenly. I will be using a Blendtec so I’m not concerned about it being good enough to mix them.


You’ll probably see some settling and uneven mixes with larger containers, unless you include a little water in the mix. I’d experiment and add a couple teaspoons of water to each portion you blend until you get a consistency that works.


It sounds like you’d have a little unevenness, but I doubt it would be a problem. A little unevenness shouldn’t matter at all if you’re only doing 2-4 days at a time. I do 2-3 days at a time for the same reason. One day you might get a bit more sugar, the next day more protein… whatever. Small variations won’t hurt you, since your body is designed to process a varied diet.

I would be careful about it if you go past 4 days though. You could end up getting strangeness.


I mix 4 days at a time in a single container and do not use a blender. I would not try putting water into the dry mix at all. If you’re still worried about consistency, just shake the container before use.


Thank you for your replies, I never thought about variations essentially making up for themselves within the four days time, seems more like a natural diet honestly. I think this could save up to twenty minutes as well as various containers.


I’m sure this is a matter of preference for everybody, but I can describe the routine I’ve settled on. Over the weekend I will measure out 7 days’ worth of the dry ingredients into individual mason jars (wide mouth quart works for me).

The downside I suppose is a little more prep time on the front end, but you get a consistent set of ingredients for each day, and I appreciate the convenience of just dumping the next day’s jar into the pitcher to mix it up. It also obviates the need for a “master container,” and for doing any subsequent subdivisions of the mixture that I imagine could be messy.

For me at least I don’t feel like the extra measuring steps are a big deal – the repetition is actually sort of zen-like, and you start getting good at judging how much of a certain ingredient you’ve got. I’ve also saved time by working out and then using volume-based measurements wherever feasible. (Need a gram of choline bitartrate? That’s a “tad” on the Norpro 3080.)