DIY Soylent ( website and its issues

Why isn’t this website being updated anymore? For example, essential amino acids, phytosterols, automatic IU conversion, betacarotene, 30 days consumption and cost, and so on. No new features have been added since I started using DIY Soylent 5 years ago, only change has been that it moved to a new domain: (which was completely unnecessary, but anyway).

To make things worse, right now, it seems like creating new nutrient profiles is broken, so that’s not working either.

Isn’t the software used for DIY Soylent, open source? If so, why the no progress?

Please fix these issues. DIY Soylent is a great tool, I’d like to see it live on and improve.

Try clicking “About”. Nothing about the web site at all, just endless piles of spam people edited into the wiki.

Pretty clear that the owners have lost interest. If you can dig up the source, you can revive it, which would be nice.

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Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that the DIY Soylent website is pretty much abandonware at this point.