DIY Soylent For 2 Weeks - How I feel


There are a lot of threads about peoples experiences.

All I can say is, I feel phenomenal every day, I’m losing some weight at a steady pace, and I actually have learned to enjoy the taste.

I’ve had more leveled energy throughout the day, and I’ve been able to sleep like never before. I usually have 1 real food snack every day if I have a great workout (Usually Ham and Turkey in a Tortilla with cheese) for a reward. But besides that, It’s been all Soylent, all the time.

So, anybody who makes claims that “Soylent is deadly” or “Why would anybody give up real food?!” I can finally say, It’s because this isn’t food. It’s fuel that my body craves.

I’ve never been on a “Diet” I’ve actually enjoyed, and I’m getting some pretty great results for 2 weeks. All my vitals are improving a steady rate, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

P90X-3 and DIY Soylent. A match made in heaven for me.

What have been your experiences guys? Love to hear from you.


Glad to hear it’s working so well for you. I’m almost two months in and am still loving it, I too find that a lot of times I’d rather have my soylent, just what a body craves.

Here’s my first month post.

How tough was it starting with P90x? Were you used to exercise, or sedentary before? I’m thinking of starting it up, but don’t do much at the moment, and have never had a regular exercise routine.


I usually work on my computer all day, but I’ve worked out in the past so that helps a lot. I find that a nice Soylent Shake after a rough workout is just what the body craves. P90X is no joke, it’s no aerobics class from the 80’s, I highly recommend it, but only if you’re willing to work really hard every day.

P90X-3 > P90X Original In my honest opinion by the way. 30 minutes instead of an hour, they just crammed it all in so you die that much faster haha.

Thanks a lot @kennufs without you and everybody, I’d still be waiting for actual soylent, but because I’ve started, I’ve lost about 5-6lbs, and feel like a million bucks every day!


Glad I could help, I have found the forum really informative and friendly, and don’t mind giving back when I can.

I do think it’s finally time to buy a DVD set and get working. I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass since changing careers about 7 years ago, time to get some of it back.


Oh… yeah… that’s right, I suppose you can “buy” it…



Glad to here it’s going well for you Rishkoi.

You and I are around the same amount of time into this, and I must say, everything you’ve explained on how you feel can be said for myself.

Having more even energy throughout the day is the biggest thing. I used to get a wind of tiredness mid-afternoon, and those are becoming less and less now that the nutrient levels are getting to where they need to be.

Taste is definitely something that needs to be worked out and tweaked, but for the time being I love it. It’s very neutral with a slight sweetness of vanilla, which I can change by using different flavoured protein powder, or just adding in something else if I so desire. It definitely requires a blender, and overnight refrigeration.

I know that I will never be able to give up real food though. I usually go out with friends about once a week and I feel like I’m actually enjoying the food a lot more. Actually savoring all the flavours and not just woofing it down. It’s a feeling I’ve long missed and I feel that Soylent makes you understand how much we actually take food for granted.


Very eloquently put @DefconZero, I look forward to my daily snack, and I’ve noticed I make healthier choices when snacking, not due to being a health nut, but because It’s what my body craves. Usually a Turkey Ham and Cheese tortilla wrap.

I’m ready for the Official Soylent however, mixing it up takes a lot of effort, but I hope the real thing tastes as neutral as People Chow.