DIY Soylent for a Swede, Want someone to look over my recipe


Hello! Ever since I found Soylent a few weeks ago I’ve been obsessed about this, and I’ve read as much as I can about the subject. I have now created my own excel spreadsheet and hope you guys can look over it before I lay my order. I’ve chosen to order some of my stuff from as I’ve found they have great reviews and the shipping is pretty cheap to Sweden, and the rest is from Swedish stores.

I uploaded the Excel file to Google Docs but I found that when I upload it there, it looses a lot of the styling I’ve made in Excel (nerd!), so I recommend that you actually download the file from Dropbox.
Google Docs ----- Dropbox.

I’ve got the RDA from reading on the Swedish National Food Administations website (
Please look over it and see if you see any major error or something I forgot. Or maybe something I should reconsider considering the products and how they work together.

Explanation of Spreadsheet

The products are the red/green up top.
Green =
Red = ICA (Regular Swedish Supermarket)

I’ve been pretty bad with putting units on the amounts that I should take, but Linseedoil is bought in a jar of 500ml so I’ve just put 50 there, and then I know that it should be ml since it’s bought that way. And the mineralsalt is 450g so I take 5g a day, and so on.

The Calories are your total Energy percentage (E%) and the following numbers below are recomended percentage of where your calorie intake should come from. So 30% of your calories should come from fat, and less than 10% of your fat should be saturated fats, and so on, I hope you get it.

All feedback will be appreciated!
Thank you!


Nice spreadsheet! I suppose you’re aware that you’re short on A, E, and K. (Is a better multivitamin available in your country? You want one with 100% RDA of every vitamin (you won’t ever find 100% RDA of every mineral). Some good ones I know of are the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, the Rainbow Light Multi, and the Centrum Men. Idk if any of them are available to you, but hopefully there’s something.) Also, the oats have a lot of mineral content that you haven’t noted; see here. For instance they’re very high in manganese; you almost certainly won’t need that manganese supplement, and you might even worry about breaking the UL. Just plug in the extra minerals and see how it affects things. Looks good otherwise!


Thank you for your help nwthomas.
I’ve looked at what you said and used that website to look up some of my other products. There I noticed that the Linseed oil had plenty of E and K, enough to take me over 100%. And my Oats had several minerals that I weren’t aware of, like magnesium, manganese and potassium, so after I filled those in I could remove all of my products I needed from meaning I’ll save money on both products and shipping.
By now I had fixed everything except Vitamin A, so I looked after some cheap and easy product which had a lot of A and not much else, so I searched on Wikipedia and I saw that the liver transformed carotene to vit.A, and I began to think “hmm, carotene sounds like carrot” and that’s how I learned how carrots got their name, and also I got a very good, cheap and tasty source for Vitamin A.

With some more of your approval, I think I’ll be ready to order this week! I’m so excited!


Very creative problem solving there! Recipe looks great to me; I see no remaining issues.

A word about consuming 300g of oats. This might give you digestive issues (incredible flatulence), due to the starch in the oats. One solution (which is known to work) is to cook the oats (make oatmeal basically) as part of the mixing process. Another possible solution (not known to work, but theoretically should) is to include in your recipe a digestive enzyme supplement containing a large amount of amylase. Another solution (known to work for some people) is just to wait it out and let your body adapt to consuming that amount of starch.

Would this one be good? 100mg Alpha Amylase and some other good stuff for digestion.


Looks good to me; but as I said I haven’t actually tried this, so your guess is about as good as mine!


Ok! Well I guess it’s better than nothing, and I guess it can’t hurt with some extra good digestion.
I think I will place my order tonight, I hope it will reach me before the weekend!
Thank you for you help!


Could you share your final table of products? I’m interested of trying this myself. You say everything you need is available from ICA?