DIY Soylent for Sale?



I’ve finally placed my order and geared myself up for the ultimate christmas present of Soylent to arrive in December. However I naturally ask myself if waiting makes sense if it can be avoided.

I was wondering if any of these great Do It Yourselfers are in fact capable or interested in selling pre-mixed product for those in need and willing to pay in the interim.

Thanks all,


It would help if you specified your location, there may be someone near you.



I’m in Fairfield, CT.

To expand a bit, I’ve suffered from various health issues including IBS and a number of food allergies, I’m hoping Soylent may help to alleviate a sometimes painful relationship with food/eating. It’s gotten worse over the past few years and all my doctors will say is to change my diet (which isn’t very good at all admittedly), however my work schedule just doesn’t allow for food shopping/prep/etc.

So for me at least, every day waiting is a day of difficulties.