DIY Soylent, how do you make it?


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I have been reading about Soylent (also in this forum) quiet a bit since around 2 months, but was never able to order any since I´m living in Europe/Germany. I finally decided that it´s time to try out Soylent and was wondering how exactly one makes his DIY Soylent. I thought that maybe you could just buy all the ingredients listed on the website and mix them up to basically get the same mixture that the original Soylent has. 2000kcal/day fit perfectly for me (20/76Kg/1,79cm/1-3 hours of light sport a week), so that´s why I think that it won´t be necessary to modify any of ingredients. But this sounds way to easy for me, there must be something I´m overlooking, right? How do you DIYers mix your Soylent and use it? What are problems that I should consider before I mix my own Soylent?

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Here is how I mix the dry ingredients 7 days at a time:

I would recommend going with some of the more popular DIY recipes:
Personally I’m using a slight variation of People Chow.


Thanks for the answer, really appreciating it. I already thought that you can mix the dry ingredients that way to get around mixing 7 bags of Soylent to get what you need for a week. The recipe also seems to be pretty solid, but my initional question was if it would also be possible to simply buy all the ingredients of the original Soylent recipe and just mix them together? Its more of a theoretical question, since I would probably rather use on of the recipes on the site.


there are some recipes that try to exactly match Soylent 1.0, the big problem (if I remember) is their custom vitamin/mineral/mico nutrient mix. It’s not something you can buy and the closes approximation is various vitamin pills. If you’re just starting out, going with an established recipe that’s been developed for a while is a good start.

Here’s the “Overly Faithful” that QuidNYC made:

and his “Significantly More Realistic”


It’s also funny to note that in the “overly faithful” one @QuidNYC even kept the vitamins D2 and K1 that are used in the official Soylent (as opposed to the more optimal D3 and K2 you’ll find in the “more realistic” and just about every other DIY)


Here’s a recipe similar to official Soylent that @BriBy made. Might be a more realistic starting point.


Okay, well I might as well chime in with my Schmoylent recipe:

It has the same macros as Soylent, unlike the recipes by @QuidNYC or @BriBy, which have more carbs and less protein.


dunno why, I hadn’t even thought of looking for that - DERP!


@chris_bair Thanks, I really like “significantly more realistic” recipe, it comes close to the original Soylent and is kind of what I’m looking for. Will take it into the list of my possible selections for my first recipe.


@j8048188 Yea that looks like a recipe that comes close to the original Soylent, thanks for sharing it!


@axcho Yeah I already read about Schmoylent, its also one of the closer-to-original recipes. Even though I always wondered if its that good to have a 4000% dosis of B12 every day :stuck_out_tongue:


It’ll keep you awake. :wink: Haha, just kidding I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well. You need a recipe with the exact amouny of each ingredient. So starting from scratch to make your own diy is a chore.

So i have a rwcipe i made for myself. I even eyeball some ingredients now after making so many batches. Ill mix up 2 weeks worth at a time of the powders into individual daily portions.

I add yhis to some water and add my fats (coconut and olive oil) and flavoring (the cinnamon was already in with thw piwder but i add some vanilla)

I blenderize this into a yogurt consistency. Empty 2/3 of it into a tupperware for later. Add some more water for the remaining portion (one meals worth) blenderize again to a liquid consistwncy and then drink it.

Later i take out half for the next meal, add water and blenderize again. The remaining portion is dinner. If im taking some on the go i put it in a sports cup.


I’ve been looking into using a form of b12 thats not cyanocobalamin but right now its just soylent while i pay off debt. Ill get fancy later.

Apparently your body produces SAM-e when you have the more natural form of b12 which is good for the liver


Your body doesn’t store B12, it excretes it in your urine. Everything I have read essentially confirms your body can’t overdose on it. It just goes to waste urine.


Not to double post but I also meant to add you can include my vote for People Chow. I would recommend starting off with it as listed, see how you feel about the taste. If you enjoy it but want to make changes then start to experiment so you have a good baseline on how it normally tastes an feels. One thing about DIY, mouth feel is incredibly important for most people. I find People Chow to be smooth and velvety with a little bit of grit from cinnamon (I add a bunch of ceylon to mine). I’ve given that exact formula to friends who have described it as rubbing sand on their teethe. I now go a step further and reduced the masa and increased the whey to support the physical training regime I partake in. My current makeup is not “as good” as the original but it hits a few targets higher for me on the nutritional scale while still coming in at my daily 2000 calorie limit and being 100% complete in everything else.

Basically - Don’t be afraid to tweak and play but I would start by finding a base recipe you are happy with.