(diy) Soylent (ingredients) are Here!


Im switching from a normal superfood diy to a ketogenic diy soylent. Was excited coming home seeing all of the boxes.


Smart move, enjoy!!!


I thought that thread is for Official Soylent. This is categorized under DIY


Oops… I miss read… sorry, I should go to bed soon… haha


That whole capital-vs-lowercase S thing gets me every time…


I enjoyed seeing everyone elses pics of boxes so I thought I would jump in the mix as well. :wink:


Oh sure, you didn’t do anything wrong by any means. It just seems that the community has adopted “Soylent” to mean “official Soylent” and “soylent” to mean DIY, so seeing “Soylent is here” implies official Soylent. But what do you do if your sentence starts with “soylent”?

Dang English language. Why can’t we all just speak binary? LOL



My main calorie source is here! EVOO & MCT oil


How does MCT oil taste?


MCT doesnt have a taste


Can verify, I use it as well.