(DIY) Soylent irritates my throat, after a week it's hard to talk


I absolutely LOVE soylent!! I never know what to eat and when I eat something I feel like I should be eating something different / healthier… soylent to the rescue!!

However I have a couple unpleasant bodily reactions to it. One is that the variation of people chow that I’m on (http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/nowchow-08) seems to have little bits (masa?) get stuck in my throat that start irritating it so much that after a week I’m having trouble talking straight and forming complete words. Being the weekend soylent free everything goes back to normal … It really sucks but since soylent is so awesome I just keep drinking it, and struggling to speak properly …

I was thinking of trying some other carb than masa but have the feeling it might be the same problem, besides I have a 25lbs bag of maseca sitting here next to me and if I switch my recipe to oat flour the manganese goes crazy through the roof, getting a color on diy like it wants to kill me …

Any suggestions/idea how to alleviate/avoid the problem? Different carbs? Hard soylent? Drink protein / fat soylent and eat bread / chips along for the carbs?

Thanks !!


Have you tried baking it into pancakes and eating it? Some people like to mix the masa harina, oil and salt for tortillas and then have the rest as a drink. That might help.


I will give that a try, thanks! Which ingredients won’t sustain the heat? I noticed that the same recipe without the carbs tastes very proteiny / rich oily … I love the consistency and taste with everything in it, but somethings gotta go …

Can I space everything out, e.g. take the vitamins in the morning, the folates and some fiber in the late morning, protein/oil/carbs during the rest of the day or is it better to keep everything together?


Not sure what’s safe to cook or not, but if you stick with masa harina, oil, and salt for the pancakes/tortillas, and mix everything else into a single drink with water, I’d feel pretty confident about that. :wink:


Are you using a blender, or shaking the mix? It seems surprising there are enough gritty particles to cause that level of reaction.

What brand of masa are you using? You might float this by the DIY soylent reddit community (http://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/) to see if anyone else has had issues with that particular brand.


Maseca brand is generally recognized as a masa with less grit than some of the competitors. The other one I’ve heard good things texture-wise about is the “great value corn tortilla flour”, sold at Walmart.


Trying switching to oat flour?


I have Maseca, it is sooo much finer than my local organic food store’s bulk masa … I have a 25lbs bag of it …

I have oat flour sitting here next to me as well, but on paper the manganese seems deadly? http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/nowchow-08-oat-high-manganese