should allow inputting multiple batch sizes


When I’m browsing DIY recipes, I’d sometimes like to know how much I’ll have to spend to try at least one day, or one week. However, only the largest batch sizes are entered in the table, as that’s cheapest in the long run, resulting in prizes of hundreds of dollars. If we could enter multiple batch sizes, however, the site could determine and display how much it costs to make one day/week/month/year of that recipe.

Would more people find this convenient?


I’ve tagged @nickp as he is the developer of the outstanding DIY app.
He’s put a ton of work into it - thanks @nickp!


Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know that.


It currently gives you a cost per day.
You can multiply this by 7 to get a cost per week
Multiply it by 30 to get an approximate monthly cost.

Both windows and mac osx offer a calculator if you find elementary maths difficult.


That’s not the point. If I want to make a day’s supply, I wouldn’t buy the 5000g bags as indicated in the table, but a smaller bag. I’d be interested in knowing how much I’d have to spend at least to create enough of that recipe to live on for a day/week/month, as I don’t want to spend too much when I first try it out.


The total shown is the minimum cost to make one batch given the sizes of package of ingredients as entered.
What you are proposing would necessitate knowing all the possible container sizes for each ingredient. That’s just plain dumb in my opinion. If you really want to customise for a smaller bag of oat flour for example, you can edit that ingredient and change the size and price. If it’s not your recipe just copy it first.

My point is the are far more useful things nick could do than cater for something this far removed from the apps core task: to calculate the correct ratios of nutrients.


your best off edeting it yourself
for my soylent i incresed the quantity eg:
buying 1k tub of peanut butter is say £7 and delivery is 2.50
however if you bujy 2 tubs, delivery is free.
i have my recipe edited so it calculates the cost of 2 tubs instead of 1.
all you need to do it a little bit of work, probably take u 30 mins to find the smallest package of whatever your wanting to order