DIY Soylent & Pregnancy


I’ve been using a DIY soylent recipe for a week now. So far so good but I was wondering if anyone had an experience with it while pregnant? I’m using this mainly has a substitute but to also lose some weight before I become pregnant. Has anyone else done this before?


You want to lose weight before you become pregnant? Forgive me if I’m rude but isn’t that redundant?


This just came up via another thread.


I’d really caution you against experimenting with nutrition during pregnancy. This isn’t an exact science and any formula could have inaccurate numbers or unaccounted-for nutrients in it. At the very least you should talk to a doctor and have some bloodwork and urinalysis done before pregnancy before considering such a thing.


Thanks, and no you’re not being rude. The heavier women weight that can affect delivery. It’s not life threatening, just cautious. And in general, yes I’d like to lose some weight before putting on another 50 pounds.

Thanks for the link I will check it out.


Max, I would agree. You have to be so cautious with things you eat, I would not be comfortable doing this while pregnant. I was just curious if other females had experience. I plan to do it just to get to my normal weight.


I just … can’t … help myself … “Pregnany”, is that what happens when the man of the house has an affair with the nanny?


^ I see what you did there

Cylie, you could still eat Soylent during pregnancy since nothing in it is actually harmful but I’d still eat normal food for the half/the majority of your diet


It would be interesting to see what you crave while pregnant on Soylent. I’d also check with your doc and have them review your nutritional needs very closely.


I bet you’d crave everything lol. No there’s nothing harmful in Soylent, or the DIY version I’m doing now. Except, there are so many restrictions on your diet when you’re pregnant you need to be careful.


The harmful thing about soylent is you can get too much of a nutrient and that can cause birth defects.


This is also true =)