DIY Soylent - Reduced sugar & athletics training


Good morning all,

I’m fascinated with the idea of Soylent and I was lookingat using it as a replacement for 2 meals a day. I’m looking to create a DIY version until the official version can be shipped over here.

However I have a few questions, apologies if these have been covered elswhere, I haven’t seen anything.

1 - I normally limit my sugar intake to keep it a low as possible, are there any DIY recipes that have the majority of carbs in complex form instead of sugar / maltodextrin etc?

2 - I train 5-6 days a week for endurance sports (mainly running and triathlon) - does anyone have any hints / tips for this or is it mainly a case of increasing total calories by increasing protein, fat and carbs?

3 - How do you handle the oils on a day to day basis? I.e do you have the powder mix in one tub and oils in a seperate tub and mix at the point of use?

Many thanks for any help you could give!



Heya, welcome. The DIY site has a lot of information, here:

There are several low carb versions, and even more ketogenic super low carb ones.

“Filter to avoid X ingredient” is something that would be nice on the DIY site, and if I knew where to do so, I’d suggest it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maltodextrin can be a very good complex carb, it can also be very close to sugar. There are different grades, so don’t rule it out completely.


Thanks for the help guys.

I was looking mainly to maintain the proportions of carbs but in a form more slowly processed by the body. Not sure if that’s possible with a DIY soylent though?

Do you have any examples of Maltodextrin as a complex carb? The only articles I’ve found refer to it being quickly broken down into glucose and causing insulin spikes just like sugars.


See I think @nickp is still running that show.


A couple of discussions on it:

and a response from Rob himself here: