DIY Soylent Science: Experimentation platform from Soylent user PhD student


I’ve now created an easy-to-use online science platform - where Soylent community (among others) can test their intuitions by designing and running experiments with other members . The goal of my website is to enable people to run their experiments – this is part of my research and it’s not a for-profit company and we don’t sell data etc.

My name is Vineet Pandey; I’m a Computer Science PhD student at UC San Diego collaborating with gut microbiome researchers to understand how people’s dietary and other lifestyle choices affect their health. Our previous research project has unearthed novel hypotheses about the microbiome! Details here:

If you’re curious to learn more and investigate your intuitions, visit this website to watch a demo and try it for yourself!
I’d be happy to talk on the phone for a few minutes if you’re interested.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


More: American Gut Project (one of the world’s largest crowd-funded citizen science projects) and Professor Rob Knight’s research group at UC San Diego have been exploring the relation among our diet, health, and the microbiome. Rob did an AMA a while back and gave a TED talk as well.