DIY Soylent tester leaderboard


Hello, fellow reverse foodies!
So far I have had an impression that the majority of people including the official beta-testers have tried Soylent for approximately one month. But 10 months have passed since the first blog about Soylent! Where all our experienced DIYgurus who can say something about consuming Soylent for more than three months?
What about @rob himself? Does anyone know his experience after month three?

I am sure there had to be a topic like that, but apparently I couldn’t find it.

Is there any central post for sharing your experience in comprehensive, yet concise way?
Do we need a ranking table, where people could share their achievements in an egotistical pursuit, to uncover our true heroes? Here it goes!

  1. @rob … 11 months … Is still alive
  2. @HarveyDesu 7 months … Happy but worried. Struggle with the wisdom tooth messes up the experience.
  3. @mrob … 4 months … Happy and healthy. Still in the search for the true recipe.
  4. @Sintax … 3 months … Happy. Feels that switching back to normal diet is not that easy, but doesn’t depend on the amount of exposure to soylent.
  5. @Mqrius … 2.5 months … Less skin problems. No problem with switching to usual food.
  6. @rvalsera … 1 month …Very happy, tried ketogenic, switch normal food every other week.
  7. @Myarter … 11 days …Happy. Going for the muscle growth.
  8. @neuronich … 7 days … Feeling good.

Wow! We have a positive correlation between the length of the nick and the position in the leaderboard!
@HarveyDesu is an outlier. Every set of data has them :wink:

P.S. I didn’t mean to be sarcastic, just wanted to be enthusiastic.


By the way, I have found a survey that doesn’t directly answer my question, but at least gives an impression of the community.

There have been about 150 people that reported to be using DIY soylent. I want to hear the response from them.


Over three months now (possibly over four?), myself. However, I wouldn’t dare call myself a ‘long-term guru’ by any means as I’ve been continually tweaking and testing various mixtures (keto, low carb, differing calorie amounts, changing micro amounts, etc. etc. etc), and still have yet to land on something I’m comfortable with.

All this said, I still feel pretty friggin great. Since I’ve started, I’ll have weeks with nothing but soylent, while also switching back to muggle food (mmm, thanksgiving) without issue. My energy day to day is still higher than when on muggle food and more stable to boot, it’s easier for me to get back in to working out and training (nixing that dreaded catch 22 of ‘you feel bad because you don’t work out, you don’t work out because you feel bad’), day to day cognition has been better as well, annd as an added bonus, I have yet to find a better hangover cure.

I also spend less time cooking, more time working out when I want to, or just more time working, and leaving early. The savings have easily been in the hundreds over this time span as well, which usually just means I can pay for fancier foods more often (hey, just because you save money doesn’t mean it doesn’t get used as quickly >.> ).

*ninjaedit: I’m not sure, but I believe @HarveyDesu and @j_jeffrey_bragg were at least two folks that started before me or around the same time, while they have their own topics detailing their experiences as well.


Thank you very much for your feedback! Sorry for the loud words I used to attract attention.
How do you track what is happening with you over this time? Is it just your self-feeling or you also do some tests?
People have some unsolved concerns about tracking deficiencies, switching to normal food, teeth, digestive tract, microbiome. Can you please comment on those?


11 months and I’m not dead yet.


That is the true dedication!
I guess you are postponing the new blog post till the anniversary?


No worries! A lot of the experience stories are still scattered, or outdated, so it’s good to call for a collection of them every now and again. (coughs @rob coughs :smiley: ). This said, keep in mind the difference between Soylent (Official @rob & co version), and soylent, the DIY version. Obviously you’re probably not going to get as many Official user stories coming out until the official product is released. For the latter… well, obviously YMMV.

As for myself, I could stand to do another blood test since I did one before I started. I’m also curious about the effects on my gut bacteria. As far as teeth are concerned, my tendency for plaque build up hasn’t improved by much, but it is easier to keep my teeth clean by the grace of less solid food, and slowly over time they have gotten whiter.

Otherwise just a lot of self-awareness. It’s also easier to measure improvement when your previous diet wasn’t the best to begin with. eg: If I feel like I’m starting to pass out in the middle of the day again, there’s probably something I need to tweak.


I’ve been on about 70% DIY soylent for over 3 months. Nothing interesting to report, except that I had to go with 0% soylent and restaurant/hotel food for all of last week (just after the 3 month mark), and I felt slightly but noticeably poor.

I felt bloated and heavy and a bit gross in general. I was more hungry all the time, leading me to go way past my 1800 calorie target. I was also sleep deprived the whole time, due to work, so it’s hard to say if the diet had any effect on mental performance.

Bowel movements: took much longer, and I had them far less often (1/day vs 3 on soylent), and they were far more difficult to pass and clean up.

None of that was new, though; they’re just the inverse of my symptoms from starting soylent. So it seemed familiar, but was more of a difference than I was expecting. (Especially considering how much solid food I’ve still been having on a regular basis.)

The uncomfortableness started on day 2, and went away the second day after getting back on soylent. So I don’t think there’s anything special between day 2 and month 3. (At least for me)


well i am on my 8th day of 100% soylent and are planing to test at least 60days with only soylent and feel great. in the beginning i was trying to get a fix on my calorie count started on 2200 and landed on 2800 and is great. i am using soylent for weight training to gain muscle mass.

i poop les and it’s more yellow in color now


I take that to mean that, while you haven’t turned into the Hulk or Dr. Doom, your still able to lead a normal life, with relatively normal issues that come with managing a start up company and able to go about your every day life.

@neuronich, do Soylent heroes get Soylent embroidered capes? I guess what kind of feed back or replies are you expecting? I’m trying to find the old posts that people had of weeks or months of soylent for you, but either I can’t find em, I need to get my eyes checked, or I didn’t go back far enough. From what I can see though, they are all alive and kicking, living healthier normal lives, and not much has changed month after month. I would hazard a guess that after a few weeks, unless there is a flaw in their soylent, there aren’t many additional notable changes.


I know it sounds funny, but something like this can be a nice direction to go. I guess Rob et. al. should appreciate the DIY soylenters, as they are open-minded, courageous and not lazy to do their own soylent instead of passively waiting for the official product. It’s like a bunch of lab guinea pigs that do all kinds of experiments on themselves on the topic of your interest, without asking anything back. Every scientist would dream about it!
To start for me it was important to see what error people make and what they experience in several iterations. You can’t derive general conclusions on one data point.
I understand that that Rob et. al. are very busy right now fulfilling their promises. They have also done a lot and provided us with the environment, the discourse and diy site. In the future however, I would advice them to consider acknowledging people for their promotion and dedication to the idea of soylent.

I expect them to share their overall conclusion, the amount of soylent they eat per day, the errors they made and the answers about most popular concerns.
My initial call was for long-term usage experience. I can believe that over a month a person can live on so many things and feel fine. Three months would be about the time where you can find something completely lacking in your formula. More than half a year should start answering if the liquid and soylent diet has negative impact on the quality of the teeth, dents, digestive tract you are not using so much. It is also important to hear from older people, who are more prone to all the problems. Young @rob could have been 11 months on the burrito diet, but he would likely damage himself and find it out only when he gets old and rich for running a burritoylent campaign.

I guess my main call is for more organized and scientific approach instead of exchanging a bunch of gossip and then loosing insightful ones under new ones. I have contacted @nickp and we will make a new survey for those, who have already tried soylent. After the exams I will also try to pull the links on as many experiences shared as possible.


we could also ad the age to the list

im 19 years old male eating going for 100% soylent for at least 2 months
i feel good and healthy


Well, I had more time this morning so I went looking again Not really long term, but people with their experiences at the start of their soylent diets. , @bigepidemic’s two week soylent review, don’t know if hes still on it yet or not though. a conversation on gasses and sulfur, sulfur deficiency. posts a weekly update for 3 weeks.

I don’t think anyone has posted more than a 3 month update or review. It does seem like after a week or two on soylent or Soylent, if there is no major issues with the recipe, that there isn’t much if any additional change to report, though i guess a confirmation that this is the case would be nice.


@Matt88 My experience has been similar; after a couple weeks of finding the ‘true recipe’ and after the initial shock of ‘omg, this is amazing,’ it starts to become a part of your daily routine like anything else.

To add to the age / gender; I’m 27 male, with a relatively active lifestyle (eg: running 6 miles in an hour once a week is easier than I had expected it to be after being out of working out for a while)


2 or 3 months here, depending on how you count (had 10 days of muggle meals after the first month due to holidays).

Not dead yet, feel basically fine, acne is less than it used to be. I have no difficulty switching to normal food occasionally.


I’ve been on DIY for almost 7 months now and I have had a total of 71 regular meals.
I started a slightly tweaked formula this month, but prior to that I have been on the same formula since late August.

I am still mainly on my Soylent, but I will say that I have run into a bit of an issue. My last blood test did not come back all that well this month. So I have slightly tweaked my formula to try and bring my numbers back into spec. I am actually eagerly awaiting my next blood test in a couple of weeks to see what is going on.

Originally I was getting blood tests done once a month, but I’ve been really sick for the last couple of months so I hadn’t been in to get a blood test. I had a really bad infection caused by impacted wisdom teeth that took me a while to get under control. I still do not think that I am 100% and that is why I am hoping that my last blood test was a fluke and that everything will be back to normal by next one.

I don’t want to give up my Soylent, so I will probably spend a couple of months trying to tweak things to make sure that it isn’t killing me.


Thank you very much everyone for valuable feedback!
I have added you to leaderboard if you don’t mind. We have 7 positions already)


35 year old male

14 days straight 100% DIY ketogenic soylent

after that, I did 1 week muggle food, 1 week soylent, 1 week muggle food, 1 week soylent

very happy with experience. waiting to buy ingredients to try a different recipe.


33 year old male here. I’ve been consuming ~90% DIY soylent (“Superfood”) for more than 3 months now. That figure would probably be closer to 100% were it not for the fact that I’m married and would prefer to stay that way. :smile:

For the past month or so, I’ve actually been successful in getting my wife (30) to start eating up to 2/3 of her diet in the form of her own soylent blend.

We’ve both lost weight and feel better, though she remains more wedded to the idea of eating “normal” food than I ever was. The holidays also presented something of a challenge, but we’re both back on the wagon now.


Can we add what current recipe (if its published on DIY soylent) each person is using and how long on that recipe. I think a lot of people would be interested in knowing when and why people change recipes.