DIY Soylent: upstart nutritionists fight the tyranny of food



A decent article for a change although I wish every article I read didn’t compare Soylent to Plumpy’nut or Ensure, they’re completely different products with entirely different nutritional benefits.


Probably that as the quite good decision for all contradictions described in article the automatic mixer could serve with a set of the basic mixes and specialised additions which various combinations could give the most suitable type of a product for user needs. For dry mixes it is rather easy to make such mixer so that the most part of its details could be to be 3D-printed, and electronics and automatic equipment is assembled from rapid prototyping kits, like as Arduino. So user can place needed ingredients to it, connect it to computer, choose better recipe and automatically prepare the soylent they need.


You know, it contributes a lot toward transparency and strength of research that Rob has been documenting this project since the very beginning on his blog, and probably has a more positive overall effect than not.

Still, it is always a little irksome to read yet another article that takes long-past facts (such as his very first formula being deficient in iron and sulfur), and quotes them completely out of context to imply a current and pressing emergency in woefully lacking quality control -_-

The linked article is actually quite a lot more balanced than most, but geez the spin doctors are gathering around this like flies. I think the Soylent team is making the right move though in by and large ignoring the pop culture attack articles. Appearing defensive would probably just feed the fire, and once the product launches, data should speak for itself.