DIY Soylent vs Emergency Ration Bar + Multivitamin


seeing as how obviously i am not receiving my shipment of starch mixed with vitamins any time soon:
if i lived off of this, water, a multivitamin and maybe the occasional shake, what level of constipation could i expect and would i thrive on it?


I don’t see that they give the full nutrition info, but they are claiming it meets RDI for all nutrients. “including an optimum balance of salt, carbohydrates, protein, fat and enriched with the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals” It looks like you wouldn’t need a multivitamin, if you did take one it would likely put you over on some things, find out the full info to be sure. The price is also reasonable at $4-$6 a day, depending on your caloric needs.

You may not experience constipation, a lot depends on the fiber include, compared with how much your getting now.

My concern would rest in a couple of areas. First, while reviewers are not bashing the taste, and may even like it, they seem to agree that it would not be pleasant to eat regularly. Second, you’ve mentioned that your migraines make chewing difficult. Since this would require a fair amount of chewing it could become problematic. Someone described it as “Texture reminds me of a really, really dry, dense piece of cornbread.”

I know you’ve been adverse to some of the DIY recipes in the past, but I can tell you that from my experience they are not difficult to prepare, nor time consuming. They also would solve the chewing issue for you. The site has grown to a point where there are now several complete recipes that you could copy, eliminating the need to extensively research and craft your own mix. I spend a few hours a month prepping my dry mix, and a few minutes a day making it ready to eat. Some of the simpler recipes would take even less time. It’s been far less effort for me than what I had been doing, which was eating out, as I have never cooked often.

If you are dead set on buying something ready to go then the above meal bar may work for a short time. You could also opt for the liquid medical food that is currently available, and is very similar to Soylent, but it is a heckofa lot more expensive than going DIY.


Emergency rations are not designed for long term consumption.