DIY tool bug - incorrect Vitamin D value imported


So I was tweaking a milk-based DIY recipe (looking to see if I could eliminate the multi), and noticed the Vitamin D content was way off. Turns out that when the ingredient is imported from the USDA database entry, it put the 1.2 ug rather than the 47 IU measure into a box that expects IUs. This means that anyone using that ingredient would be getting 40x the Vitamin D they thought they were.

I reported the bug, but it may only be fixable for future imports. I would recommend double-checking ingredient profiles in your recipes against the listing, and make sure the field that expect IUs = IUs, not ug or mg.

Suggestions for improvements to

Note: affects Vitamin E as well, but apparently not Vitamin A. E has a much smaller multiplier than K, so it’s a smaller effect.


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