DIY vs official Soylent


For anyone who has experience with both: taste wise, is DIY anything compared to the real deal?


It’s a little more tangible.


Consiudering mine tastes like a wattery tortilla chip, and others tastes like liquid oatmeal… I’d say the real stuff tastes better


Could you elaborate on that?


Wouldnt it depend on which DIY your referring to?


That’s like saying, how does the taste of cereal compare to… Cheerios.

DIY is a category, like cereal. It could taste like anything.


@snowboardutah @axcho I’m not exactly wondering what DIY tastes like, but more whether DIY is in any way (if done right) comparable to the original. I’m considering DIY, but I probably won’t follow through if people have found that generally DIYs taste awful.


Okay, fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m drinking the last of my Marion Chow (a custom recipe I made for @marion) and it tastes like a rich and satisfying chocolate shake. And that’s exactly what it is. A nutritionally complete, sugar-free, rich and satisfying chocolate shake.

It’s not hard to come up with something good. If you find that masa harina makes your DIY taste like soggy tortillas, swap out some of it with oat flour. If oats give you gas, take a digestive enzyme supplement. :wink:


I enjoy mine and love that I can dial in the exact Macro ratio that I want. I will have official soylent as a filler for the days that I dont have my DIY put together.


That sounds pretty good. Do you often experiment with new flavors? I think I’d prefer to have a neutral version, but now that I think of it, it would be pretty cool to make custom versions for special occasions.


So you like your DIY better than the official?


Yes, I experiment with flavors. I find that cinnamon and cayenne is a nice subtle touch on top of a neutral base, and when in the mood for it, cocoa powder and stevia is a delicious addition. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried various spices like curry powder, garlic powder, oregano and other things. Not bad, though I honestly like more dessert-like flavors in my DIY soylent.

Nutritional yeast, though, is absolutely disgusting when mixed with soylent. Too bad! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been using this recipe (or one of it’s variants) for over four months and I love it, haven’t been blessed with any official tastes yet though. I find it to have slight flavoring of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon, but to still be neutral enough that I have not tired of it in that time, and I am 80-90% soylent most weeks.

The few who have tried mine thought it was either neutral, or they were overcome with cinnamon (guess it depends on your prior cinnamon abuse, I was a bit overcome myself for the first half day), but in either case they have not been that fond of it.

I blend it the day before and let it sit in the fridge, which really helps smooth out the texture. I do think I probably drink it a little thicker than most would prefer, so thinning it may help with acceptance. I do max out my blender though and need to get a bigger model.


The reason I’m so chill about the Soylent delivery time is because my DIY tastes like a creamy not too sweet chocolate milkshake (with a subtle umami undertone). I added butterscotch flavor to my batch tonight and it was exceptional.


I am so glad I started DIY, it really has helped with the long wait. I don’t mind keeping the DIY going if that’s what it takes, and will likely keep it up to some degree after Soylent gets here anyway.