DIY Whey with Lactose Intolerance


@Slorrin made a post that finally got something through my thick skull. I have been having on and off digestive issues involving severe abdominal pain. People Chow contains a bit of whey powder, even the Mega Men Sport has whey in it. I am lactose intolerant.

Not severely to the point that any lactose makes me ill. I can eat dairy sparingly. I cannot drink milk directly, and I can eat ice cream only in small quantities. But cheese is normally fine, since it is mixed in with other food. These recent issues often occur when I consume DIY during the day, and have alcohol in the evening. Not necessarily being drunk, even two beers will do it: a small buzz for a man my size.

Anyone else around here lactose intolerant and been having problems with DIY recipes using whey powder?

In case anyone is curious, yes, I have an appointment to see a gastroenterologist.


I’m looking to phase out my use of GNC Mega Men Sport for that reason - I’ll be replacing the People Chow series with a lactose-free equivalent called People Fuel. You can see the basic recipe here:


Yeha, lactose is an interesting sugar. We are all able to metabolize it as infants, and most people in the world begin to lose that ability in childhood to some extent. Slowly we all become lactose intolerant. Some people in some parts of the world without a long history of drinking milk as a staple become lactose intolerant in high numbers, while in places like Europe and North America, people often stay pretty tolerant to milk well into their senior years. But people who are on the edge, who produce lactase and who can drink a glass of milk, or have a piece of cheese, when they start eating whey, they often get soft poop and farts.

But you might try adding lactase to your thing. Lactose is broken down by lactase. Some whey has lactase in it (not enough if you are lactose intolerant) because pretty much everyone will develop some degree of intestinal stuff with whey. Even if it’s so minimal you dn’t notice it or think it’s abnormal.


Good point about the lactase. I was wondering how much it would take to process the whey, but it might be a moot point.

My whey powder is isolate, so 90% protein, and already has lactase added. Not sure about casein and other milk components that can also cause problems though.


You might try rice protein and a multivitamin capsule instead of the whey protein and GNC Mega Men Sport, if you have issues with dairy in general.


Hi. I’m also lactose intolerant and signing in to say that Cheese (cheddar) contains very very little lactose.
Standard cheddar has almost no lactose and thats why you normally don’t have issues. It isn’t anything to do with mixing it in with other food. Cheese’s like brie have a lot of lactose and must be avoided.

I’ve been using rice protein but the smelly farts are annoying. I’m planning to test pea protein and maybe try a whey protein isolate after that (a good one with 0 lactose)


For now I am sticking with Rosa Labs’ Soylent, which has zero dairy and appears to be shipping on a reliable basis.

If that is not the case, I might just outsource to @axcho and buy some Shmoylent :wink: