DIYers around West Coast speak up

Hi all,
I’ve been poking around the forum with similar posts in the past, usually mentioning the “soylent PhD” buzzword & asking soylent users for interviews - which turned out quite nice and I had a chance to speak with 58 soylent users so far. I’m in the last stage of data sampling now, focusing specifically on users who still make (or did in the past) their own DIY soylent. I’ve been DIYing by myself throughout the last two years [right now I’m munching on kitkat though and will probably want to punch myself in a face soon] so it’d be great to share some DIY insights. If you’d be free for a chat sometimes between 11-19th Feb around Bay Area / 20-25th Phoenix / 26-28th Portland, let me know please! The anonymized data from the interviews will be used solely for my thesis & occasional journal publications (will send you more details upon request). Here is more about what I do with soylent:


I’ve been consuming my own mixture for about 2.5 years. I live in the Seattle area and would be happy to talk to talk on the phone. Easiest way to contact me is via Twitter @byufan.

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