Do any safe, effective appetite-suppressing drugs exist?


I am really eager to try any drugs that suppress appetite or otherwise aid in weight loss. I’m generally skeptical of this product category, but I’m hoping there is something out there that actually works – and doesn’t produce unpleasant side-effects. Please share whatever knowledge you have with me.


I am by no means an expert in this area but here are my thoughts:

Generally no. There are a range of substances to achieve this effect (like amphetamines), but not without side effects and possible addiction danger, and an infinite number of snake oil thingies.

The reason why I even dare to comment is this: I think, if there was, it would be very popular. We would have heard of it.

Edit: For the L-Theanine and 5 HTP I use there is some proof for appetite surpression as well, but (at least for me) there a not very powerful (in this).

If it wasnt for certain intolerances to some food ingriedients, soylent wouldve worked for me in this way. I achieved this with diy and some european soylent derivates, by constricting myself to consume only soylent and nothing else. One day in the week it would be no-limits day. This worked out really well for me at least. Its way easier to just follow one ‘law’ ,than to use willpower every time you walk next to some food source. But then health problems started to kick in and I couldnt go on with 100 %, looking for an european soylent right now, which my body can digest without problems. Today I will start to test the next one (had 4 so far).


water helps alot because your body doesnt know the difference between hungry and thirsty and water has zero calories


@ antiman77

I am drawing from my own experiences here, but hunger is not the problem. Water may help, if you want to endure hunger. But if I understood the OP correctly, its about appetite and impulse-driven-eating, the inability to just be in the presence of food you like, without starting to munch away.


My experiences:

Caffeine works pretty well at giving me enough energy to ignore the hunger for a while. That coupled with a LOT of water (I drink about 6-8 liters a day) keeps the hunger down.


The investment in Soylent helped detour my appetite. The fact I chose to invest so much of my money into this product every month helps me not waste more money on more, other food or snacks to mindlessly munch on. It’s a monetary motivation to keep from eating on top of my own wants and goals of nutrition and calorie counts. I don’t know if that would be helpful to any one else, but money’s a decent motivator for me.