Do I get enough nutrition?


Edit: Thought I posted this in an existing thread, but I guess it came out as a new one…

So I drink about half a pitcher of Soylent a day (1000kcal) and then maybe some solid food like an avocado or something else around 300kcal. I find that this makes me full and satisfied. However, if I try to just eat Soylent (around 1200kcal a day), I’m finding it harder to feel satisfied, I’m always craving something and feel weak. However, according to Soylents own calculations, I should not be drinking more than 1300kcal a day or else I’ll gain weight.

My question is, is the 2L pitcher of Soylent so customized for people that need 2000kcal a day, that if you drink less, you’re not gonna get what your body needs? Should I be adding something?

To those of you who drink less, do you feel satisfied? Is it something to just get used to? I’ve been doing Soylent for about 2 months but never went 100%.


Why shouldn’t you be drinking more than 1300Kcal?

Have you looked up your BMR? That should give you a good idea of what you need.

Additionally, I’d actually recommend sticking with the avocado+Soylent if that satisfies you. Soylent is designed around averages, which means it doesn’t always fit everyone perfectly. We all have different nutritional needs. I’ve had to tweak the values of mine pretty heavily (via additional supplements) to maintain satisfaction.


You could have some bloodwork done to make sure nothing it too out of whack. If it is, maybe take half of a multivitamin daily. But I would think that after two months, problems would be cropping up if you were deficient in something. That’s my non-medical opinion.


I’ll echo livingparadox to ask where you got 1300 calories from. That’s very low and makes me think you may have missed something in the formula, unless you’re VERY petite and very sedentary too.


Guys, I’m not an idiot. I have looked it up using that BMR (like I said in my first post “However, according to Soylents own calculations, I should not be drinking more than 1300kcal a day or else I’ll gain weight.”) and yes, I should eat 1325kcal a day. It’s not that weird.


Some people are quite petite.


:slight_smile: Consider this… if you eat 1000 calories of normal food, instead of 2000 calories or normal food… you are getting half the nutrition you would of normal food anyway. But as someone else mentioned, you could get a blood test to show if all the nutrition in your blood is within normal levels if you are worried. I seen plenty drink about 1500 calories of Soylent and do fine. How long have you been on Soylent now? (nothing is wrong with eating 1000 calories + an avocado if that makes you feel fine and you are not losing weight (and you are happy with your weight)


^See, that was my original assumption, that I’d be fine since if I only need ~1300 kcal, then I only need that much amount of the nutritions as well since it’s all blended. However, I noticed in a bunch of other threads that people added in stuff in their blend, like salt, because allegedly it isn’t enough in the Soylent? And then I got slightly paranoid since so far, I haven’t been able to completely live off of Soylent for more than a day.

I’ll get those blood tests going, thanks for the input!


Maybe if you told us how tall you are, how much you weigh, and your activity level it would help calm our worries about how many calories your eating.

With that said just about every food label says something to the effect of “percentage based on a 2000 calorie a day diet”. I agree with @Tordenskjold that if you feel better having an avocado then have the avocado. It’s good for you. You can also make your own oil blend with avocado oil and fish oil. No one said you have to use the supplied oil


While I do appreciate the concern for my well-being, I kinda feel insulted that you guys think I can’t use the BMI-calculator. But I’ll swallow my pride. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m 150cm and 45kg/4’11 and roughly 100lbs. I’m pretty non-active.

I’m confused with your second part, I never mistrusted the supplied oil? Although I’m thinking of switching to a vegan version.

I feel more confident now in pursuing my mostly-Soylent diet. Thank you guys!


It’s generally unwise ask a woman how much she weighs. And you should never ask an actor how much they weigh.

Denkert is both. Plus, she’s smart. She even knows that it’s 1300 kcal, not cals. Let’s just run with the 1300 figure.


@MentalNomad Too late. I have now revealed my very non-secret stats, although I doubt anyone REALLY cares.


My experience with actors tells me that all we know is that you can “play 100 pounds.” :wink:


Thank you for answering my very blunt question. As I thought you are very petite and 1300 calories sounds about right to me. A friend of mine is about your size and has a similar caloric intake.

My only thought with the oil is that an avocado made you feel good so maybe avocado oil would have a similar affect. Just a thought.


@MentalNomad I didn’t think she was wrong I just wanted to help keep others from thinking she was. I saw a few people question her on her calculations.


I just didn’t know what exactly “Soylent’s own calculations” meant. I forgot that the DIY site is under the same domain, haha…

The extra stuff being added is the result of Soylent but meeting the RDA of sodium, and everybody being different. If you feel good, then you’re fine. You may not need what everybody else is adding. A blood label might be good it you want to be cautious.


In terms of the replacing the oil with avocado oil :smiley: I would say that is is better that she consumes the oil as she is now, and add the avocado. Fat/oil is healthy after all :smiley: (as long as it is not the amount where it begins pouring out of your skin hah)


There’s something weird though, cause my body really seems to crave something solid (not meant as a sexual innuendo…) a day. Not much, like a small bag of peanuts is enough. I wonder if that’s just in my head and if I really tried to just drink Soylent, I’d get used to it after a while. My next month shipment will be here in a few days so will try to experiment some.

I’m happy to know now though that in theory, I should get all the nutritions I need. =) Thanks guys!


I find I routinely have the urge for something non-Soylent as well, so I don’t think it’s terribly strange. It’s novelty, a change of pace… there’s something satisfying about crunching/chewing etc. I like nuts as a snack too (lightly salted peanuts, cashews or raw almonds are my favorites) plus they’re super convenient to have around.


There are physical cravings, but there are also psychological cravings.

Most of us have spent our entire lives thinking about eating several meals a day… even if you’re not hungry, you can’t expect the brain to turn off all though of eating.

I do three-day fasts on a regular basis, and I’m typically not hungry on day three, because my body has acclimated to the fasting state. (Also because if I get hungry, I use a little ephedrine and coffee.) Yet, on the evening of the third day, I often find myself unable to stop thinking about foods I might eat the next morning.

When I’m on Soylent exclusively, at about one week in, I’m liable to get similar psychological fixations about having some customary feed; flavors, texture, smells, chewing…

Also, it does NOT help if you’re in Manhattan, IMHO. You can’t walk two blocks without smelling something delicious from a restaurant or even a street cart.