Do I need an airtight bottle for work?


Directions say to store in an airtight pitcher, but is that just for “long” term storage? Will it be fine if I just use a normal water bottle, stick it in the fridge at work and then drink it for lunch?

Or do I need to get a specific kind of bottle for work?


The only restriction is that it not spill as near as I can tell.



If you’re going to stick it in the fridge any water tight container will work. They say airtight in the instructions because the pitcher they give you is airtight.


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There are a few threads dedicated to your question. The most recent is Best Bottle for Traveling. Also, if you search “bottle,” “container,” or “travel,” you will find tens of other threads where the question has been answered ad nauseam.

The majority of people who take their Soylent to work or on the road prefer Blender Bottles. I personally like the Hydro Flask, because it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours without refrigeration. Other people here like Contigo® bottles.

In one thread, a user talked of being on vacation and keeping their Soylent in a lidless pitcher in the refrigerator for three days without a problem.


Hi Ric, thanks for the welcome!

I saw some of those threads, the thing is that most of them are asking (and answering) about blending on the go. (Thus the Blender Bottles.) I’d really rather just make it the night before in the pitcher, then put it in a container for work.

The Hydro Flask sounds cool (and I see they have a growler version) but if I can just use the regular water bottle I already have I’d rather not buy another bottle right away.

Sounds like it should be fine though, right?