Do I recieve a supply of soylent with a donation of 5$


I live in the US and im wondering how much I need to “donate” in order to receive a basic supply of soylent just to try it.


Check out - lots of details there


That didnt help, ive already looked over that page and there isnt any answer to my question on there


Look at the ‘Rewards’ on the right hand side bar. The minimum donation to be shipped any Soylent is $65 - that gets you a 1 week supply.


thanks, thats what i couldnt figure out. I clicked the buy now button and it said minimum was 5$ so i assumed that 5$ actually bought some amount of soylent.


$5 could plausibly give you a day’s supply, maybe even two from a ready-set-up-and-settled-down supply chain, but it wouldn’t pay for the postage…


I think that’s a leftover from the faux-kickstarter (Can’t remember the actual name) funding, It looks like they just left the whole thing in place and called it a store.