Do initial orders really take 6 months to arrive?


So beyond the price considerations, I’m curious as to whether the impression I’ve gotten that orders placed in JUNE are arriving as we speak. Is this an exaggeration caused by a few edge cases, or would there really be a 6 month delay between my order and my first shipment?


I Ordered June 27 and still have no idea when I will see it. Check the shipping tracker at


Pretty much, although it looks like they are closer to 5 or 5 1/2 months, with some edge cases like @AudioDude (all June orders should have already shipped.) They have slowly been shortening the fulfillment window, and have said June in particular had more orders than usual which took longer to get through, so we should start seeing the fulfillment times reducing a little faster, fingers crossed.


I ordered a 1 week supply on July 17th, I received my tracking number on Dec. 17th. So it was exactly 5 months for me, and I have no reason to believe mine was handled more or less quickly than anybody else.


The reason for the large number of orders in June 2014 was because Soylent was featured on The Colbert Report. “The Colbert Bump” is what they call it. Those should be mostly taken care of, so the increased manufacturing capacity that they have been building should escalate the rate of order fulfillment.

However, as fulfilling the orders for all (one time) customers over the next 5 months would be a huge investment, and as Rosa Labs cannot be certain of repeat orders (mine was a one-time order, not a subscription), I doubt that Rosa Labs will be cranking up manufacturing quickly anytime in the near future. They will instead likely focus on exceeding repeat orders by a small amount and use that excess production capacity to whittle away at the backlog over the next 5-12 months.

I would not expect Rosa Labs to reach parity on order fulfillment (i.e., fulfillment happening in real time with orders, or even the week after an order is placed) for at least 12-24 more months.

It’s a question of economics. Gear up for current demand of one-time orders puts them well over capacity for subsequent months when they cannot be assured of repeat business. This outlay of funds is not guaranteed to be rewarded. Since they want to stay in business, they must spend money wisely.


you should have received it already? tag soylent to get it sorted out.

I subscribed to 4 week supply with oil on july 15th and just got shipping notification today.
My girlfriend subscribed to 1 week supply(about a week or two after me) with oil and got shipping notification today as well.


I have my tracking number. It’s in transit. (Not that you would have had any reason to see this in the other thread, but here it is for the sake of convenience.)

Edit-- PS-- I’m confused a bit-- your post says you’re responding to @AudioDude, but the quote in your post is from me. My response above is based on your quote from me. If you were in fact responding to @AudioDude then please disregard.


It took 23 weeks for mine to arrive. So, just shy of 6 months, yes.


It took mine 15 months to arrive. You kids have things so easy these days! :older_man:


Apparently, new orders are now 4 months.

That’s what the site said when I ordered yesterday.


Rosa Labs is not known for accurately predicting fulfillment delay. Just saying.