Do our needs change over the day?


Something I’m curious about, and this is more likely to affect people’s DIY blends than any iteration of official soylent any time soon, do our nutritional needs vary depending on the time of day, and if so, how? might it be best to make 3 different blends, one for morning, midday and night?


There could be something to this. For whatever reason, I find that it’s almost always night when I have the urge for something non-Soylent. I never feel like having anything else in the morning, and rarely mid-day. But night time… almost always. Dunno why…


I can tell you that current advise from trainers genrally suggest consuming at least 20 g of protein and to spike your glucose post work out to promote muscle growth. The current media push trend is to consume chocolate milk, but honestly 20oz of Soylent within an hour of a workout fits that profile. So IMO it’s less about different Soylent than it is about quantities consumed over time.


two thoughts I had about this would be to consume most of your daily vitamin D in the morning, and to consume most of your tryptophan at night. I don’t know the role of other nutrients well enough to understand how they affect energy, waking, or sleep.


I’ve also noticed that, but sort of the other way around, I crave soylent in the morning, not so much at night.


Yeah for me I never really have cravings for Soylent anyway, I just don’t want to deal with food most of the time, and Soylent is by far the easiest and quickest way for me to perform the necessary refueling, so it’s what I choose.

But then at night… I’ll specifically have strong urges for something else. In fact I often have the munchies at night… don’t know why, but it never seems to happen any other time. Always past 6PM, and frequently more like 9pm to midnight.


I like the idea. In a perfect world I would take the vitamin b out of my night time soylent and add it to my breakfast, then add about 20 percent extra of the daily protein, fibre and fat to my night time, to help me sleep better. You would have to do the maths to keep the daily values the same though.


Another thing to consider is that some nutrients might affect other nutrients; for example, calcium might affect iron absorption (e.g. here)

It would be nice to see the effects of individual nutrients on each other in some tabular form.


adding to what you said, choline and other vitamins/minerals too in the morning in my experience.


It is exactly the same way with me vanclute. In the mornings I’m not hungry at all. Midday, I feel like some Soylent. At night, usually a couple hours before bed, I am more hungry than any other time throughout the day.


Yeah it’s not so much hunger for me… it’s what I want to consume. I’ll be quite hungry in the morning for instance, but the only thing I have any interest in at all is Soylent. Then early afternoon I’ll get hungry again and generally will prefer Soylent over anything else, with occasional exceptions. But then in the evening… for whatever odd reason I just really really want something other than Soylent. I’ll often have a little Soylent just because I can’t really decide what else I want, but then I’ll end up having a grilled cheese sandwich or bowl of cereal of crackers & Soylent peanut butter… or whatever. But hunger aside, when I just want something non-Soylent it’s almost always at night. It’s like as the day wears on… my body just wants something else. But it’s not consistent like always craving salt or some other specific food group. Just something not Soylent, even if that’s in addition to Soylent. Go figure.


I am usually hungry for something specific as well. Since getting on Soylent, It is usually something weird though. The other night I had an urge to eat a head of lettuce as if it were an apple. The night before that I wanted some tofu soup with peas and rice (this one isn’t that weird). One of the weirdest cravings I had was for a potato or quinoa bread sandwich with whole olives, spinach, and hot sauce.


I’ve done the lettuce thing. I walk by a pile of extra and go “ooh! Lettuce!”, eating a handful or two of flavorless, yet satisfying lettuce.


I get the general ebb and flow too, but for me, it happens over a longer period of time than just a day.

Given that I usually eat beer after I get home from work ( :beers: :smile:) I’ll go something like 85-95% Soylent, during the weekdays, for several weeks at a time (like many, I’ll consume small meals on the weekends). Then quite randomly, seemingly out of nowhere, every now and then at lunch time I’m like, “MUST. HAVE. PIZZA. NOW.” Then it continues like that for several days or a whole week, where I’ll basically just have Soylent for breakfast only.

I’d say that, for me at least, it’s probably less a need due to changing nutritional requirements, and more just a need for a change of pace.


Actually, now that I re-read what I just posted, maybe the evening beer(s) do indeed fit in with changing nutritional requirements throughout the day. Alcohol aside, depending on the beer, there’s lots of stuff in there other than just water and empty calories