Do the maths! Well, actually, can you help


So, if the official Soylent experience is something like this:

Soylent powder = 444g, Soylent oil = 58.2ml, water = ~1600ml

Then can someone check my maths please!

For 1500 calories:

Soylent powder = 333g, Soylent oil = 43.65ml, water = 1200ml

For 1200 calories:

Soylent powder = 266.4g, Soylent oil = 34.92ml, water = ~960ml

Just want to make sure we’re getting the right quantities of everything with roughly the same consistency as the official 2000 calorie Soylent experience.

Thank you for your help!

Is oil necessary?

Why do all that measuring. Use the same amount of water to mix then drink smaller volumes for less calories.


The problem is, I’d have to make 2x2000 calories, sure I could drink only 1500 calories but then:

  1. I’d have 500 calories left and I’d have to make up the rest somehow the next day.
  2. Don’t want to leave it more than 24 hours.


While you may think Soylent is magical in its perfect nutritional balance, it was not created with Faire magic and won’t turn back into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight.

Soylent is good for at-least 2 days, I would imagine especially when you keep it in the air tight pitcher (or other sealed container). In fact, I find it tastes much better if I drink it after it sits at-least overnight in the fridge.

Really, just make a bag’s worth of soylent, and when the pitcher gets low, portion it out into a smaller container and make another batch.


I’ve used it at 4 or 5 days, it was still good. I think the sweet spot for me is actually on the third day, thought I noticed a smoother feel, but I’ve only been able to try it a couple of times, needs more testing.

Getting an extra pitcher would help too. I ordered several and usually have two in the fridge at any given time. I’ve also found mason jars to be handy for leftovers in the past.


I’ve had 3-night-old Soylent as well, and it has been just as good as 1-night-old Soylent. I wouldn’t worry about 24 hours as much as I would avoid over 72 hours, but that’s just because 72 hours is as old as I’ve had it.


Yep as others have said, there is no 24-hour cutoff or anything at all. Longest ours has ever survived is maybe 36 before it’s polished off, but I would personally expect that refrigerated, it should do 3 days easy.

Oh and two pitchers for sure. Ours are in constant rotation, we both just drink however much we want at any given time. It’s really easy… trying to do the maths? No thanks. =)


Actually it tastes better after 24 hours. It tends to smooth over a day or so after you mix it. I try to time my batches so I’m drinking the prior day’s mix. Having 2 pitchers really is the way to go.


Instead of measuring the solids, you can produce a sequence of 2 litre jugs (i.e., 2000 calories). Then each 100 ml equals 100 calories. If you have a couple of jugs, then every few days you will have a night off from preparation.

This is where being Canadian works because all our measuring cups have ml’s marked off.



Well, I went ahead and mixed everything last night anyway (without any A/C in Texas…), once mixed I found I was approximately 200ml off of target for the 1500 calorie one and approximately 150ml for the 1200 calorie one.

I get what everyone is saying but I figured that I was going to have to work out how to ‘top up’ anyway so if I just worked out how to make the right amount in the first place then once I got into a routine it wouldn’t be a big deal.

So we tried them this morning after being nicely chilled. Gritty, yes, unpleasant, yes at first with a hint of vanilla. However, I am now on my 5th 100 calorie sip and I’m getting used to the taste. May get a blender/mixer at some point in the next week.

So far I don’t feel hungry and while I had a bit of a ‘moment’ earlier before work, I think that was more to do with it being 83 degrees F in the house all night and being quite dehydrated.


I’ve updated my initial post, despite what has been stated in a few places, it looks like the pitcher (when filled normally) does indeed contain ~1600ml of water and not ~1250ml of water as initially though.

Since recalculating the water, we’re bang on track again to being a 1cal/1ml mix despite drinking only 1500 and 1200 calories.

Now all I need to do is work out how to accurately measure the additional salt required…


It’s Soylent 2.0 right? 400 Cal’s a bottle.original


All these posts are from before 2.0 existed.

Sounds like they were talking about the first version of the powder.


No, it was the powder.