Do we have an updated recipe?


In his 3 month update Rob said he added oat and had to adjust a few things as a consequence. Do we have an updated recipe?


He’s dropped some hints here and there for specific nutrients but no, we don’t have a list like in his earlier “What’s in Soylent” post


I’ve tried to keep up with all the updates he’s made. Here’s my list. On some of the ingredients Rob didn’t mention the amount so I listed the ingredient without an amount until I do my own research on amounts. If anyone can help with this let me know. If I missed something also let me know please.

Carbohydrates 409g
Protein 102g
Fat 65g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 2.4g
Potassium 4.5g
Chloride 3.4g
Fiber 40g
Calcium 1g
Iron 9mg
Phosphorous 1g
Iodine 150ug
Magnesium 400mg
Zinc 15mg
Selenium 70ug
Copper 2mg
Manganese 2mg
Chromium 120ug
Molybdenum 75ug
Vitamin A 5000IU
Vitamin B6 2mg
Vitamin B12 6ug
Vitamin C 60mg
Vitamin D400IU
Vitamin E 30IU
Vitamin K 80ug
Thiamin 1.5mg
Riboflavin 1.7mg
Niacin 20mg
Folate 400ug
Biotin 300ug
Panthothenic Acid 10mg
Choline 550mg
Sulfur 2g
Coenzyme Q10
Lycopene 500ug
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 750mg
Ginseng 50ug
Gingko Biloba 100ug
Lutein 500ug
Alpha Carotene 140ug
Vanadium 100ug


One thing that would be great is if we could get links to each of the articles that recommend these amounts of these substances and which ones are changed due to Robs experience versus research. As in a compilation of multiple lists with revisions.


Also one thing that i find concerning is the absorption rates of different items on this list.
For example, from my source "The pharmacist’s letter"
Magnesium chloride has a 20% absorption rate
Magnesium Gluconate has a 42% absorption rate.

how do these absorption rates compare to the doses hes taking of said supplements? Are these values still actual elemental requirements or is this list starting to become combined with compounds he is taking.

The sulfer might be one of the key ones, he is not actual taking sulfur but methyl-sufonyl-methane which may have a different level of absorption then the sulfur powder listed in one of the recipe spread sheets.


I wish Rob would publish a new “What’s in” list. Since we don’t have that I had to piece this together. I don’t know about absorption rates, but I would assume he’s still listing the amounts in terms of what’s in it, rather than what he gets out of it.


Absorption rate can’t be quantified simply.

There might be a measurable rate for each micronutrient, but that rate will be affected by the food it is in, the foods it is consumed with, the amount of water consumed, the person’s inherent chemistry, etc.

I don’t know how much these things vary, but people should be aware of the complexity and make sure to stay far away from any hard toxicity limits.

Speaking of which… are any nutrients in soylent actually that dangerous at their toxicity limit?


Probably the only way to get a handle on your own personal absorption rates is to get regular blood work done to check levels. That’ll tell you if you’re on target or not and you can adjust accordingly.



Regarding Creatine, an excellent resource about potential quantity is here:
All the studies are referenced.

BTW, is a great resource about supplements in general, started by two moderators from


Thanks for posting the link! I hadn’t seen the site before. An excellent resource!