Do we really need a "soylent" category?


What is the purpose of a category with the same name as the site itself?

Isn’t it safe to assume that all topics here are about soylent in some way?

The “soylent” category dominates the home page and the forum, but does selecting this category add anything meaningful to the topics it is attached to?

Perhaps categories with more useful and nuanced meaning than general “same word as the title and domain” would be a better choice?


Used mostly for people posting their acual recipes, or looking for a Maltodextrin supplier in Canada, as opposed to asking what other options than Maltodextrin there are (Nutrition), or how Maltodextrin is digested (Biology).


Then perhaps “recipes” and “suppliers” would be more meaningful categories?


Now that you mention it, it is a bit superfluous on the front page.


I think that makes sense. I’ve changed “soylent” to “DIY Soylent”, which should encompass recipes, suppliers, and troubleshooting for the people that are rolling their own.


Isn’t that pretty much the whole website?


From the “front page”:

…nope, it isn’t. :smiley:


Good clarifying change, but I suspect this “category” is so dominant (and the whole site is still really about DIY Soylent) that you will need to break it up into other smaller categories as I proposed.

See the numbers here:


I think that will change over time – I think what we have now is fine for now. Expect more balance when the Kickstarter goes live and again when the actual product is actually available.