Do we still need to add sodium to 1.4?


Hey everyone,

I never got around to adding sodium in previous versions (stupid mistake, but here we are). Sodium content was increased in 1.4, so I’m wondering if people still recommend we add some of our own? If so, how much should we add? And what should we use for sodium content, just good old NaCl or…?

This is purely from a need-use basis, the effect on taste or flavor doesn’t matter to me.



Nope we’re good on that now. Specifically the sodium is now 1640mg and chloride is 2300mg, which reach the amounts recommended by the IOM


Soylent now has the recommended amount of salt, but the IOM recommendation may be low for people who for whatever reason go through a lot more sodium than normal. If you do sweat a lot (run a lot in a hot climate, practice bikram yoga, whatever), and you feel low on energy when you eat a lot of soylent, and you have healthy blood pressure etc., then you may want to try adding more salt to see if it helps.


Awesome, good to know. Thanks!