Do you drink coffee with, in addition to your soylent/diy?


I absolutely drink coffee during the day, but probably at least half the amount I used to before discovering soylent/diy


I also decreased the coffee intake almost immediately. Now, I drink a DIY bullet proof coffee for breakfast, then soylent for the rest of the day (or have a muggle meal for dinner).


I only drink coffee if I need to stay awake… I dislike the taste, and only drink with sugar and milk :3 also, it gives me the runs and I feel bloated for hours afterwards.


I actually mix my DIY with coffee… about 10oz coffee, and top the rest up with water. Sometimes a little sugar in there too. Straight soylent in the morning is pretty bland; this adds a li’l flavor + caffeine kick to get me going…


I used to be a 7+ cups day coffee drinker. I love coffee. I enjoy the taste and as a software engineer, it gives me that kick I need from time to time . I weened myself off of it, before I received my Soylent order, because I knew I was drinking more coffee than I should have. I was clean for about two months.

Before Soylent, I had to consciously keep myself from coffee. It was a habitual drinking thing. Now that I’ve started Soylent, I’ve begun taking up coffee again. It’s not as extreme as before, I’ll a cup every other day or so. It’s great. I’ve been feeling great on Soylent, but the coffee definitely adds a nice kick when I need it. In my opinion, it’s the same feeling as eating normal foods and occasionally drinking coffee. That’s a great compliment to Soylent.

I am blogging about my daily Soylent weight loss journey and coffee is mentioned a fair amount in my posts. I hope my coffee addiction isn’t showing.

Check it out here:


I am a coffee junky. I love strong black coffee. I have been using it as a chaser to mitigate the aftertaste. I still drink too much. I am curious as to why you would drink less coffee with Soylent?


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I’m not a coffee drinker, but spouse has found a Soylent breakfast reduces the need for coffee just as a morning pick-me-up. Still enjoys the taste of coffee, but doesn’t drink as much from the pure necessity of before.


I make a fresh pot of coffee every morning, and usually drink it all… that’s approximately a litre, first thing in the morning. I don’t have any more the rest of the day. I had been doing that for years, and didn’t expect it to change once I started Soylent; old habits die hard.

Usually I have Soylent for dinner Monday through Thursday.