Do you have the official Soylent tee shirt?

I already wear mostly charcoal heather tops and really like the fit on my official Soylent tee. I want to buy more blank tees but I can’t identify the clothing brand, because I cut the tag off earlier. If you still have yours, what brand name do you see on the tag? Thanks a lot!

Assuming I have the same one (it’s from years ago!), it says:

The Track Shirt
American Apparel

I don’t think they make it anymore, or at least I don’t see it on their website. It’s 50% polyester, 25% combed cotton, and 25% rayon, if that is helpful.


Excellent thank you!

We use two brands. Since American Apparel went out of business we switched brands.

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How does one get an official Soylent t-shirt?

Send me fun bottle art I can post to social media. The better the art the better the chance to get extra swag.

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Better??? Art, is like, totally subjective, man.

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Ultimately it comes to me to judge :slight_smile:


Where would one buy the t shirts and related swag?

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Great question, been hoping for a shirt for two years now!

Unless they changed how they do things, they don’t sell the T-shirts; they give them away for various reasons (see @soylent on Twitter for instance).

I got one as a “sorry we’re taking so long to ship your Soylent” apology (I had about a 15-month wait as a day one backer). The second… uh, I don’t even remember, but I think it had something to do with the website. I had an opportunity to get a third for something like leaving an Amazon review at launch, but at that point I felt greedy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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