Do you like the sound of pre-mixed vs. powdered, or the 2.0 formula?

I haven’t tried Soylent yet, but I’m interested what you guys think about Soylent 2.0 compared to 1.5, specifically:

  1. Do you prefer the idea of pre-mixed, over powdered?
  2. If you prefer pre-mixed, do you wish you could get the 1.5 formula pre-mixed?
  3. If you prefer powdered, do you wish you could get the 2.0 formula in powdered form now?

Personally, I really like the idea of pre-mixed, for convenience (yup — I’m that lazy); and I don’t have a preference for one formula over the other.

(As @Inquirerer says below, note that, according to Ars Technica’s interview with Rob, they expect to “eventually” have the same formula available in powdered and non-powdered form.)

I prefer the powdered for regular daily consumption. The liquid might be nice to have in some situations but then you’re stuck with the original favor or carrying something with you to flavor it. (Unless you can open it and add some flavoring and then close it up without having to worry about it going bad or leaking).

I’m guessing they may move to the fat from algae in newer powdered versions (assuming that it is viable to use the algae derived fat in powdered form) so I’m guessing there may be a new powdered version soon.

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Apparently they plan on aligning everything in powder and liquid eventually (which I assume means the same algae fat source in both):

As far as aligning the powder and liquid versions’ nutritional contents and version numbers, Rhinehart says that’s something that will happen eventually, but for now the two will remain a bit different. Rhinehart says he expects to release a new version of the powder later this year, but it won’t be numbered 2.0. “But the philosophies of the nutrition are of course the same: we’re seeking to provide full daily value requirements in a sustainable fashion.”

(via Ars Technica article.)

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  1. No. I don’t want to pay a premium for someone to add water for me. Environmentally, I don’t want to ship the weight of water.
  2. n/a
  3. Absolutely not. I’m soy protein sensitive so I wouldn’t be able to consume it.

I definitely like the idea of premixed, because I feel like the texture is likely to be considerably better than mixing it from powder the day before. But it’s definitely not worth paying a premium for. I may order the minimum amount just to try it, but I’m living on a student’s budget, so I can’t even really afford the ~$320 that a month of powder costs me right now. Thank goodness for credit cards…


Do the interest charges on credit cards make Soylent more affordable?

Absolutely not. But I pause and unpause because I don’t consume a full month’s worth per month, which gives me extra time to pay it off. I don’t actually have the money to pay it off right away. This is the only way I can make it work. I only make $1000 per month, and try to stretch my student loans as far as I can. Paying interest sucks and DOES cost more in the long run, but it lets me spread out the cost to make it more manageable. (It also doesn’t help having to deal with the absurd exchange rate right now. If it was only $255 CAD, this wouldn’t be such a problem. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Gotcha. Hey at least you’ve got an existing subscription, so you’ll be grandfathered in on the bulk discount for now.

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I was super relieved when I saw Connor mention that! A raise in price would have meant a canceled subscription from me.

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Powdered for high-volume users, such as myself.

Pre-mixed for casuals, who might use this occasionally, in place of something like Muscle Milk, or similar.

Two different products, for two separate target markets.

It’s a smart move.

  1. Not very interested in pre-mixed. I am much too cheap for that. I might buy some just to try. Also, not sure if we would get the grandfathered rate or something like it with the pre-mixed.
  2. N/A
  3. I would love to try the 2.0 in powdered form now. I am only able to go 67% Soylent a day before the horrible gas starts. I would even consider going pre-mixed if it solved my gas problems.
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I suspect not, although a price reduction of some sort has now been promised (although not, please note, pinky-sworn).

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Yep. I’m highly allergic to soy. Been a fan of soylent until 1.4 came out. Looks like I’ll have to say goodbye. :frowning:


I wish the bottles came in different sizes, 1/5 of a day’s consumption is too little imo.

I prefer pre-mixed for convenience, but it does suck to consume 1-2 plastic bottles per meal. I’m torn.

I’m excited about the 2.0 formula over 1.5 - I like the higher fat (I typically eat low-ish carb anyway), and it has slightly less sugar, more fiber, and more protein.


The concept of pre-mixed appeals to me, but it’s not something that I would actually ever buy on a regular basis because no matter what it’s going to cost more for the same product, produce more waste, and take up a lot more space. However I would absolutely love to see premixed Soylent in vending machines! That would be fantastic! And with the 1 year shelf life it seems feasible. Would probably cost even more then, but convenience costs are to be expected.

As for formula, I do like the macro ratio better in 2.0, but the soy seems like a really bad idea. I personally don’t have any issue with soy, but quite a lot of people do so it seems like a bad move for RL. The other changes they’ve made seem good to me, though.

One thing I’m wondering…if the powdered form that matches 2.0’s formula won’t be called 2.0(I’m assuming it’ll be 1.6), then what happens when we get past 1.9? Is RL expecting to have a perfected formula by then, or will we start going with 1.9.1 etc.? And will the bars be 3.0?

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I could see a value in a hybrid ordering system. I wouldn’t mind getting something like a 3 week powder/1 week premix kind of ordering system.

Most of the time, I’m able to make the powder work just fine. But, from time to time, I find myself unexpectedly heading out the door for a night or two, or running short on time before work. It’d be nice to have something ready to roll with on hand.

That’s the main reason I wouldn’t want premixed. A months worth of powder is pretty small. Imagine storing 28 pitchers of prepared Soylent though? A lot more storage!

I do see there being a time and a place for prepared Soylent. If I was going for day long drive somewhere throwing 5 bottles in the car would be easier than dealing with powder.

I’d probably be more likely to buy a solid form for that however. And with a solid form the weight would be less so you could use it for camping and so on where weight & space are more important.

Good point. I wonder how well 2.0 will do once the solid form is released. The two seem to fill the same niche. Unless the liquid is cheaper than the bars, I can imagine the bars being more popular due to (presumably) taking up less space and weighing less.

I’m all over premixed - if it’s not more expensive.

Powdered for backpacking though.