Do you need fewer calories on Soylent than on a regular diet?


My experience has been that I need fewer. I feel full and have enough energy with the 2100 calories in one bag of Joylent. According to online calculators, someone of my size and activity level would need more like 2500+

I’m not suggesting that Soylent bends the laws of thermodynamics, but does anyone else feel they need fewer “Soylent calories” than “regular calories”?

How could this be? My best guess would be that the refined ingredients in Soylent allows me to use more of the calories.

Check out this research on the topic:


I would assume it’s at least partially related to the fact each calorie is much more nutrient dense than what you would have been getting from “regular” sources. I noticed a feeling of greater energy by day two of a Soylent diet, although my previous diet was bad. Like ramen noodles, fast food, and 3 cans of soda a day bad.

As for the satiety specifically, my recipe is fat heavy, meaning calorie dense, so my overall hunger levels have dropped significantly.


I have definitely had a sense that “Soylent calories” are somehow different. Nothing I can quantify or put any actual science behind or anything, but it just seems that I need way less Soylent in order to accomplish my normal daily life, than I do when I eat conventional food.


When not eating Soylent, I think people regularly have the feeling, “I need something else.” So they consume more, hoping to hit the thing they are missing. This could be a component in causing obesity, I think. If you are consuming Soylent, you may sense you don’t need to search for a missing nutritional element, so you consume less.


It could also be because of the fiber in too, something most of the regular diet has far less of.


I’ve noticed a large amount of my hunger is based on my vitamin/mineral intake rather than the calorie intake. That’s my guess as to why it seems “Soylent calories” seem different than “normal calories”.


Makes good sense!


I have also noticed what the OP mentioned. The calorie calculator on the DIY site always gives a much lower number than the USDA and other calculators do. This leads me to wonder where they formulas the use come from.


I find that I too am getting by on fewer Calories on days that I do soylent (which I have been kinda lax on recently).


My assumption is that your body more easily absorbs nutrition from Soylent, since it’s all in liquid form, than it does from solid foods. Your body can get nearly all the nutrients out of it, and it expends almost no energy doing so.

This is also one of the reasons that soda is so much worse than say, bread, since the liquid sugar is rapidly absorbed, and candy is similar, since it melts into liquid sugar with almost no calories used in the processing of the food.


Yea, I agree. You said it better than I could.