Does anybody else feel too full?


I just started using Soylent 1.2 I’ve been on it for about a week now. I love it so far. The taste is great, I’m not having any excess gas, and it is really easy to prepare. I may be a little premature with saying this, but I haven’t had a single problem.

However, I’m having an issue with being too full. I get about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through a days worth of Soylent and I am too full to eat the rest. I have been eating it slowly throughout the day, I never chug it. Has this happened to anybody else? I am only eating Soylent and drinking water and the occasional green tea or chai.

When I first got Soylent I was worried that it wouldn’t fill me up enough. I’m 6’3" and I weigh 210 lbs so I’m a pretty big guy. Before Soylent I could eat an entire Tofurkey in one sitting and go back for seconds.

I’m mostly worried about getting all the vitamins and minerals and what not that I need for an entire day. If I only drink 3/4 of the stuff would it be considered unhealthy? Sorry for the noobishness, please be gentle.

Is rice protein complete?

Omg, you are such a ###!

Just kidding, we’re actually really nice here compared to other forums. Has your weight been dropping? I saw news report of a guy who lived on it for a week (or maybe it was month?) straight. He felt weak at times, and thought he must have lost weight, but at the end his weight remained unchanged.


Interesting… mostly I see the opposite issue where people don’t feel full because their stomachs are used to physically having “stuff” in them, and now they don’t.

My instincts (I am not a doctor nor do I play one on tv yadda yadda…) are that your body will tell you if you aren’t getting enough, just pay close attention to the signals and if you ever feel at all light headed or faint, get some extra food of some kind (Soylent or otherwise) ASAP.

I find that as long as I pay attention to my body’s signals, things go pretty smoothly. Be prepared if you do any extra exertion though ( a workout, bike ride, hike… ) as it’s very easy to go from feeling fine, to blacking out very quickly if you’re undernourished with Soylent.


My weight fluctuates, like I’m sure most everybody’s does, by about 5 lbs up or down. I may be a little under 210 lbs right now but I don’t think I would be experiencing any weight loss due to my diet after only a week.

I figured if my body is telling me it is full then I should probably listen to it right? But sometimes my body tells me to eat an entire pizza by myself, so should I really be listening to what it has to say?

My roommate suggested that perhaps I’m not active enough. I hurt my ankle about 6 months ago and sort of got out of the habit of running in the mornings so I think I’ll start doing that again and see how I feel. I will take it slowly though, I don’t want to end up blacking out on the side of the road laughs


Lee Hutchinson from Ars Technica did a week with a beta version of Soylent, and he had the same problem. He got some good advice from Rob about only drinking it when you’re actually hungry. - see day 3 specifically.


Interesting, very helpful. This is pretty much the conclusion I had come to myself but I wasn’t sure if it was bad to not eat the recommended daily intake of vitamins. I’m glad to see an official statement saying ‘eat what your body feels best with’


Like rob said eat it only when you are hungry atleast until your body adjusts. I am curious…How did you start it? Did you go with it for 1/3 of your meals first? Or was it 2/3 from the beginning?


I’ve been eating Soylent exclusively for the past week. I also drink water and occasionally some green or chai tea.


I have the same problem. I’m 6’ 1" and about 270. I started to use only half a bag with a full pitcher of water and I take a couple vitamins also. That works great for me and it tastes much better as well.


That’s the opposite of the problem I had. I never felt full from drinking it, I just ended up feeling nauseous from drinking too much.


I’m sorry to hear that. It is amazing how different people can have such wildly different reactions to eating Soylent. We literally have the exact opposite reactions. It makes me wonder what more the makers can do to ‘fine tune’ without developing it for specific individuals.

So I’ve taken to eating as much as Soylent as I feel like instead of forcing it on myself. That helps a lot and I haven’t been dizzy or lightheaded at all. I still haven’t gotten back into running, it has been storming pretty bad here on the Oregon coast. I have been doing some light body weight exercises but that doesn’t seem to be making any difference as far as how much Soylent I eat.


OK, dumb question, but are you sure the fullness you’re feeling isn’t just bloating? When I first started Soylent, I felt SUPER full for the first week or so, even though I was only having about 1/2 a pitcher a day. Now that it’s been a couple weeks, though, I’m feeling less full from consuming the same amount of Soylent, so I assume I must have had some bloating or something the first week as my body adjusted to it. Not sure if that’s what you’re experiencing, just wanted to share. :smile: I agree with everyone else here, best thing is to listen to your body and not force it.


I don’t think it is bloating. I haven’t experienced any excess gas at all since switching to Soylent. I haven’t been sticking to a certain amount each day either. I just eat whatever I feel like. Some days that can be half a pitcher, other days I will eat a whole pitcher. I think my body is just weird and inconsistent. It isn’t like I change my activity levels. It may just be me being odd.