Does anybody have a good listing of Soylent-like products?

Does anybody have a good list of all of the Soylent-like products out there and how the businesses behind them are doing?

Backing up to why I am looking to find, or create such a list:

What interests me about soylent in descending order of importance

  1. It’s potential to save me time
  2. How general adoption might change the food supply chain
  3. Possible health benefits of getting all of the RDA (DRI) nutrients most of the time

Here’s the list as I know it now, it only includes products currently still in business

  1. Soylent (US)
  2. Huel (UK)
  3. Feed (France)

It would be interesting to look at the ones that failed.

I think a big tipping point in this market will be when we get a solid bar packaged product comparable in price to cliff bars, but comparable to Soylent in nutritional completeness. How far are we from that?

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I made a little website over here

I’d say your list is about to get a bit longer :wink:

There are actually a few bars out there that are priced similarly to cliff bars but nutritionally complete. Only Huel has their’s available in shops though (and that’s only through an online grocery called Ocado).

For those check this link. I don’t know if they ‘failed’ per sey, but those are the products that were on sale and then for whatever reason ended up disappearing.

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Wow! Great site!

I figured the soylent-like product space was bigger than I knew, but wasn’t expecting that big.

Soylent is about to fail, so pay close attention.

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If you haven’t seen the evidence, your eyes have been closed.

So you’ve got no facts to back up your claim.

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