Does anyone know what Rob Rhinehart is up to?

I was skimming through the Soylent Reddit and saw a lot of people taking issue with the direction the company has been going since Rob Rhinehart was replaced as CEO; many of those people specifically blamed the new CEO for many of the problems they see in the company focus.

That made me wonder… What has Rob been up to since the leadership change? His Twitter and website have been fairly quiet for the last 4-5 years.


Last he posted on his blog he was Visualizing the Large Scale Structure of the Cosmos.

That was back in July, but I guess it could take a while.

Apparently Rob now runs Mothership, a “biolab and prototyping warehouse” in LA, according to an article in the LA Times.

I wish he never left.


Yeah, me too. He was really excited about the product and excited to talk about it. Sure, sometimes he came off poorly in interviews, but he was fun and never kept the customers in the dark.


He also would never have jumped on the “nootropics” psuedos science bandwagon.

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Rhinehart left? Was he pushed out? He was the founder, I believe, and the first person I remember talking about Soylent, on Tom Ashbrook’s radio show a few years ago. He got me very interested in trying the product! Maybe running a big company day-to-day wasn’t really his thing?

He left a few years ago. I suspect he was pushed out. The company should have tried harder to keep him. He was an inspiration.


Didn’t know but that explains a lot

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He’s been firing CEO’s, mostly.