Does anyone object to me reviewing SpaceNutrientsStation 100%Food here in the DIY cat?


5 No’s and I post the review…Thanks


I personally prefer the reviews be posted to The Powdered Foods Website.

But I am just one person… I personally don’t like seeing ads for other products here.


I’m kind of neutral, as I like hearing everyone’s stories, but given that they do have their own forums, it is likely more appropriate over there.


Ok, posted to the powdered foods marketplace website…You can find it in the forum section in the formula reviews catagory


I personally have no problem with you posting a review here. In fact I think it has MORE value here because people can feel safer about it’s validity and purpose for existing on a neutral platform as opposed to the companies own website. Thats just my 2 cents… I don’t think it takes anything away and only adds value.


Just looked at your reviews over on his site, look fine, objective, and related to your personal experience. I’d encourage you to post them here.


Done, thanks…