Does baking destroy antioxidants and other nutrients?


For example, if you were to bake a bread with cinnamon, would many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cinnamon be destroyed?


I do know that heating destroys vitamin C. That’s why you get scurvy from eating only cooked meat, even though raw meat has plenty of it. Not sure about cinnamon’s antioxidants.


Not sure specifically with regards to antioxidants, but regardless it’s all about degree. Obviously if you cook down to charcoal, no nutritional value left.


175C for 35min…


I actually did some research on this a few years ago, and others have actually gotten lab results. Basically, only Vitamin C is lost in significant quantities when baking.

The lab results suggested that turning soylent into pancakes causes them to lose about 60% of their Vitamin C content, but all other nutritional aspects remained fairly stable. They also turned it into Soylent soup by adding 90C hot water. Vitamin C loss was not as significant in this case.