Does Costco sell masa harina?


I couldn’t find any when I was there. Anyone know? :smile:


I completed a quick search on their website for Masa Harina and it didn’t turn up any items, so I am afraid they don’t sell that product.

After searching Walmart however it was a different story. Link


I get mine at Walmart or Winco. Be very careful getting the larger sizes. I’ve seen the 50 pound bags being 50% more expensive per pound than the 4.8 pound.


I also get mine at Wal-Mart. They do not all carry it, you have to go to one that has food (seems like most have food now), and even then there is no guarantee. But the price is pretty good there.


So… you’re telling me there are still Walmart stores that don’t carry food? I haven’t seen one of those in many years, interesting. We do have a few of their neighborhood grocery stores here, they only carry food stuffs, but all of their other stores here include grocery as well.

@joemoe, I found the Masa Brosa brand at Walmart to be the smoothest of the brands I’ve used.


Yes, actually. The vast majority do, but not all. One near me was recently remodeled, finishing about six months ago. They added a grocery section as part of the remodeling.