Does exposure to air decrease time to spoilage?


I made a pitcher of Soylent at work on Wed afternoon and had a glass. Then when I took it out of the fridge at work Thur lunchtime and shook it up in prep for lunch, a bit came flying out and I realized I didn’t twist the black top shut after having my Wed afternoon glass. So that means air was getting in there for about the previous 20 hours.

It still looked and smelled okay but I was afraid all that air exposure made it go bad so I poured it down the drain, which was sad because it was the first time I poured Soylent down the drain.

So the question is, was it necessary to pour it down the drain? More generally, does exposure to air make it spoil more quickly?

Soylent 1.4 Spoiling - How long is too long, how were the dates determined?

No to both questions.


I was mixing mine in an open pitcher on vacation cause I had nothing else. Drank it over 3 days. Tasted great as always.