Does soylent ever email back


Has anyone ever received an email back from soylent help???


I have every time. Which has been like a half dozen times or more.


What email address do you email?


I use the one for @JulioMiles.


What is @JulioMiles email though?

#6 is the one I use.


info@ got a reply within 30 mins of emailing them my question, with an answer on my order.


The official email address is


Ya I tried that a week ago. Haven’t heard back.


Does soylent have a Phone number?


I don’t have a phone number. I’d recommend sending an email again. What was the concern you have? If you ask it here, and tag JulioMiles (by putting an @ in front of his name) he may be able to help. (Even one of us might be able to point you in the right direction if we knew what your question was :))


I ordered a “each month” subscription and was charged for it. I never received a confirmation email. I tried to login with my email a week later, and the website said my account didn’t exist. So now I have no control of the account as it orders a package every month. Kind of a serious problem. I have emailed both of These people several times now…no response @JulioMiles


They answered my email and resolved my issue. I really appreciate the responses, folks.