Does soylent harms the digestive system?


I just read an article about soylent and the idea is new to me but very attractive.
i think i’ll try soylnet for few weeks but there is one thing that bothers me, since our digestive system designed to solid food’s, doesnt it harm it?

Will appreciate any advice


So far as I’m aware there’s no reason our bodies require solid food. Any solid food you eat is only broken down into a liquid form by your stomach anyway, a liquid Soylent diet just simplifies the breaking down part so if anything it should be easier to digest.
You can still eat solid food of course, there’s no rule saying you need to consume only Soylent 100% of the time and if it ever becomes apparent that we do need solid food after all, I’m sure Soylent can change to accomodate.


A reasonable concern would be your dental health - some DIY soylenters have taken to chewing gum to keep their teeth, gums, and jaw muscles healthy. Whether this is a necessity hasn’t been proven, but chewing gum has its own benefits, so why not err on the side of caution (and good breath!)

As far as the nutritional aspects are concerned, solid food isn’t necessary. Any articles you find out there claiming otherwise will most likely be in the context of a nutritionally deficient diet. Soylent is nutritionally complete, so drink away!


The gut needs to have food to undergo peristalsis. If there is no roughage, it loses its ability to pass food properly. This could mean constipation or something more serious if a person who drinks only wishes to return to food. In other words, Soylent could make its users dependent on it.


You should know what you talk about before mislead others. We have had this “hurr durr Soylent has no roughage” a couple of times before. Fyi Soylent HAS fiber.


I hear what you are saying. Just as long as the makers are aware that the stool formed needs to be solid enough to trigger peristalsis, and fibre in insufficient quantities will not trigger the defecation reflexes. If you dont use your defecation reflexes, you lose them - which is why people who dont go to the toilet get constipated (their bowel holds the food in). Members of the developed world can bring a class action if they are affected by using soylent for too long. What concerns me is that if this product is sold to developing countries it can have unintended affects on their digestive system. Any relience on soylent for their nutrition due to impaired digestion caused by soylent would further disempower them.


Rob discusses in his blog that he’s now using 40g of fiber in his recipe, I’m sure branded Soylent will take into account all the data relevant to bowel movements.


And Soylent has plenty of fiber. It works just like real food, but it’s liquid.


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I hope nobody minds if I beat this dead horse a couple more times, but no there is nothing to worry about.

If “solid” food is ever making it to your stomach, it’s a problem (ie. you need to be chewing more). If you never touch soylent, you still need to be only sending liquid form food to your stomach. Your stomach is not made to handle solid chunks, it’s made to handle slurry.

If you see chunks of corn and whole leaves and recognizable things in your stool, then your absorption of anything in that was very poor. Most people don’t chew enough (like me when I’m hungry).