Does soylent have any staff here still?

Hey all,

Conor was helping me resolve an issue with Coffiest but after replying with the bottle cap information he requested he hasn’t given any response to my message since September 17. I checked back in October, leaving another message, and I did the same again in December. unfortunately my subscription unpaused automatically and I ended up getting two more boxes (useless to me), but I traded them to a friend for Cacao. Anyway, I haven’t been following the forums closely but I’m assuming Conor doesn’t work for Soylent any more? Is there a new community manager who I should follow up with?


@Conor is still around.

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Conor is still around, but if you have a customer support issue this probably isn’t the best place to look for help. AFAIK I think the purpose of this forum is more for public discussion about Soylent and not resolving individual customer service issues. You might want to try dropping the company a line here to ask for help with your issue: (Or maybe someone can provide a better link or email address for how to contact customer support.) Good luck.

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I’m here! DM me again, discourse sends me em ail updates about DMs but sometimes I do not get them. If there is any direct subscription problem contacting is the best way to go.

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Thanks Conor :slight_smile: